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Thanks for the invite!!:)

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Can I be The Adversary?

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Name: Athena or Mars
Age: 749
Goddess of: Wisdom and War
Powers: Can influence the outcome of any battle or entire war. Can give or take wisdom away from someone.
Star Sign: Scorpio
Allies: Artemis, S.e.n Slender, Iris, Persephone
Enemies: Hades, Posideon
Appearance: Appearance may change, le photos :3
Personality: Is very bold, isn't afraid to take charge, but can be very shy if she "like" likes you.
Weapon: A sword and a shield
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Name: Persephone
Age: 652
Allies: Sakura, Demeter (Her mother)
Enemies: Hades (Her husband)
Goddess of: Judgement of Innocent Souls, Fairness, The Changing of The Seasons
Weapon: Temporary judgement over certain souls during the time she's in the Underworld, partial power over Cerberus, changing the seasons to Fall and then Winter when she returns to, and changing the seasons to Spring and then Summer when she comes back from the Underworld
Star Sign: Libra
Appearance: Can change, photos (Her favorite form is that of her appearance in Percy Jackson.)
Personality: She doesn't always make the right desicions, but she always finds a way to fix it, or a loophole. Very reclusive except with Cerberus and her mother, Demeter.

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Name: Leviathan
(She hates if you call her that)
Nickname: Levi
Age: 17
Weapon: A knife, she sometimes will "borrow" Artemis' arrows
Killing Method: She loves to torture you to hear you scream in vain, then slice off your limbs and appendages one by one till you're a bloody mess, snap your neck or rip out your vocal chords then your throat. Sometimes if she has Artemis' bow and arrows she'll play a little game of William Tell.
Allies: Jane Arkensaw, Ticci Toby, Persephone
Frienemies: Artemis, Hades
Enemies: Athena, Jeffrey Woods
Appearance: She wears a soft, dark blue hoodie, black denim jeans, long black hair that's all the way down to her knees, long curvy lines cut all over her face, which where self inflicted, dark black knee-high boots that have a button on them that, when pressed, will reveal cleats for climbing.
Bio: Her earliest memory was laying in your bed upstairs bed next to her mother with a eerie teal light glowing in the yard below, and her mother telling her to be as silent as she can, and her mother softly weeping. Then she remembered being in a foster home, with the strange urge to cut her face, using a pencil sharpener blade she had, because she felt like there was something in her face, and this was true.
Then she remembered being adopted by an abusive man who just did it because of a bet, involving money. One day after he beat her, she decided that would be the last time that happened. She, being 16 and a lot more agile than him, overpowered and tortured him, beating him to death, just as he had beat her.
She ran from the cops for a long time after that, until she found an old African American lady named Ingrid. She lived with her for awhile, finding out she was a criminal too, when she was young.
Then one night Death took her.
She stumbled upon The Mansion in a daze after she was running from the cops again.
Quote/ Phrase: "Death may have gotten Ingrid first, but Levi's gotten to you first!"

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Name: Artemis or Diana
Age: 153
Goddess of The Hunt and The Moon
Appearance: Can take many forms, pictures
Powers: Can kill women who are pregnant, their babies, or both, can bless or curse the hunt, the hunter or both, makes the moon rise
Allies: Apollo, Iris, Athena, Posiedon
Enemies: Hades
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Personality: Is very shy, but isn't afraid to take charge. Doesn't have very good people skills.
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Name: Selena. Exacute. Necromancer. Slender

Nickname: S.e.n Slender

Age: 7 (she is really mature and smart though)

Weapon: Herself, her reaper scythe, and smile dog

Killing method: depends...

Bio: (trying to make this as short as possible) S.e.ns mom died because of zalgo a few months after birth of s.e.n and then has been entrusted by the power of her mother, her own life, and a barrier that separates the pastas and zalgo away, she is one of the best reapers in the reaper world but slendy doesn't know, she also is known in a lot of other universes. She is also the daughter of Slenderman.

Appearance: pretty hard to explain..look at le pic.)

Allies: all the trolls, people in other dimensions, everyone except zalgo

Enemies: ZALGO

Quote/phrase: none :P

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Name: Sakura
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Goddess of: Spirits and Solitude
Powers: Can see, feel, enhance, expose, manipulate, change, and communicate with spirits. Also can lead spirits to the Spirit Realm/World, travel to the Spirit Realm/World, and sometimes take others to the Spirit Realm/World. She use the abilities of the spirits around
Weapons: A pair of sakura patterned fans
Star Signs: Pieces
Allies: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Personality: Very reclusive, quiet, sort spoken, wise, proper, more of an observer, and is intolerance to ignorance and stupidity
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Name: Luna Z.
Nickname: The Devil's Rainbow
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Weapon: Inherited abilities and whatever she can get her hands on, including her hands
Killing Method: Gets creative
Bio: Was raised and trained by her father due to her mother being dead. Guess who her father is go on guess... She's always been a daddy's girl and gets most of her looks from her mother
Allies: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Quote/Phrase: Say hi to Daddy for me in hell~
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