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Hey everyone I just wanted to do a post and give a little inspiration or word of advice because I know that things happen and people hurt..But the best thing to do is To Get up and move on And Stop living in the past...the future is ahead and its calling for new comers..And whatever your reasons for hurting may be Think about what Might come from that pain..New friends..and of course new confidence and old you... think about it...It helps and if anyone ever needs to talk..I'm here..Just let me know

Hey I was wanting to do a drawing of some of the members in this community, I'll be taking about 12 people and won't be starting until I have at least 8. Just post your oc to me and I will put them in.

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the fams together ^_^
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Uuuuuh... Um... This is an old drawing of my old main OC so please don't judge me too harshly! It's the last picture of him I could find on my phone! >~< I'll be using him as my representation at least until I finish my new one.

Hi! Thank you for inviting me at random! I love talking to and meeting new people! ^u^

10 members so far Guys Lets try to get more be sure to share to your friends and thanks for the 10 who have joined so far keep up the good work ^_^

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2 fab 4 u
me and +Crystal Storm old oc's (the dark one with purple hair is also mine)

Right, I have a new oc on the go so will be posting her soon. Everyone should post their oc/s as well I'd like to see them ^_^

Hey Everyone I just wanted to say thanks for joining the community and If you have any ideas for improvement or any questions just let us know
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