Would be great if you could add Live Wallpaper support. Thanks

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+Kahtaf Alam Is it possible to create a 'skins' for Automate so that we could have a different layout better suited to our needs?

The reason I ask is, whilst I can get Automate working on my head unit now, because of the 'peculiar' screen resolution (1280x480) it makes using the Automate screens awkward and plenty of space wasted.

I've created an UI using KLWP but would really like to apply a similar skin to Automate as the functionality via KLWP is 80% there but the 20% Automate offers is what makes it so good...

Attached are a photos of 4 of the 5 screens which in principle show the same info as Automate but not in a cohesive manner....
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Spot on with the latest V2 app.

One thing that is missing or I just can't find it!!

Need a cancel route button in the navigation section. I'm having to actually exit the app and then go into Google maps to cancel the route. Which isn't the best solution.

That's not right surely, am I missing something?

+Kahtaf Alam is there a plan to allow the ability to turn off displaying road name on the maps screen? We can turn it off on the main screen but this doesnt apply to the maps screen. The reason I want to turn it off is becomes it's become such a nuisance when driving around areas where you lose data connection and it shows the wrong road name.

I use muzecast as my media player. There is no option to choose it as my default player as with other options. Is that something that can be added? It is a deal breaker. Also I have textra set as my default text app and do not get notifications.

Hi +Kahtaf Alam​​, it's been a long time since I was active in this group and I must say you have done a fine job in maintaining and progressing immensely with the v2.0 upgrade.

I have recently done a car install after abandoning after all these years, and put a nexus 7 in, however the screen has some defects where it doesn't register touches on certain parts of the screen, was wondering if there is an option or if you would consider adding a feature to be able to relocate the navigation bar to either the left or right side.

Many thanks

Maybe a screensaver option. It could be a black (AMOLED friendly) screen with just a clock or something, which moves every now and then, which would save battery and screen burn but keeps the screen on so that you can still pass Google assistant commands... although inbuilt voice commands would be better.

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+Kahtaf Alam
This is a feature request for most European countries where digital broadcast radio (DAB+) is most common used since a couple of years now.
In the past most DAB apps have been crap, but a dev from XDA worked out a real nice working app called "ZOU-DAB".

The app provides a lot of information as broadcast intents, so it should be possible to get the needed information shown in AutoMate as they are provided for most common player.

I just want to ask if you would have a look at the broadcast intents text. I would highly appreciate if it would be possible if there would be a chance to get the DAB App implemented in AutoMate. I think you are not able to test due to missing DAB hardware, So if there is anything to test... just give me a hint.

BroadcastIntent definition:

action: com.android.music.metachanged

extra type description
sender String always "com.ex.dabplayer.pad"
id int position 1..n in current station list
num_stations int number of stations in current station list
artist String station name
track String Dynamic Label Segment, similar to RDS Radio Text
station String station name
dls String Dynamic Label Segment, similar to RDS Radio Text
playing boolean true: DAB audio is playing, false: otherwise
Note: during station switch, it remains true
serviceid int service id
frequency_str String DAB channel, e.g. "11D"
frequency_khz int DAB frequency, e.g. 222064
pty String PTY e.g. "Rock Music"
bitrate int bitrate in kbit/s
ensemble_name String ensemble name
ensemble_id int ensemble id
signal int raw signal quality value from tuner, see [1]
sls String canonical path to a slideshow picture file

Link to the related app: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=74580175&postcount=473

In music landscape orientation it would be best if the album art could be sised down instead of full screen because many show so trunkated it is hard to recognised the album art at all. Should be small enough to see it all and like my native mudic player on Sony fill the rest with blured collored paterns picked from the album art in display of else. I wouldnt mind seeing the wallpaper either, it does show any way when absence of albumart.

Unlike Android Auto Automate does not seems to have a ""call UI" screen to allow accepting/rejecting calls.normally while on any of the phone screens or app instead of the lockscreen my xperia just partialy expand the notification pannel with a reduce incomming call ui. Full call ui only showup from a locked screen. Now with Automate enabling the "car mode" the reduce call ui is prevented to show up even expending fully the notification panel. Yes i can still answer with my handfree BT speaker or uconnect but let say that we would wish to use Automate without BT devices it would be handy to be able to accept the calls. The phone mic is still an option not to neglect. I understand the philosophy under the imbedded Adroid "car mode" to reduce any risk of distraction . I aggree 100% that removing the multitask nav key is safer, but disabling the phone call ui is not so smart. They should instead, like widenning the nav bar , had render a call ui with bigger butons. Anay way if you could add this it would be great. even if i decide to set Automate not to enable the "car mode" at lunch it still unsafe to try to hit the small "answer" option from the reduce call UI. The less we have to interact with the phone stock notification area the safer the driving it is. Automate 2.0 RC 5.
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