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Hey everyone, a new beta version of AutoMate will be rolling out soon. Here is what's new in version 2.0.4.

- Option to select bottom navigation color (Settings > Theme and layout > Bottom Navigation Color)
- Ability to long-press bottom navigation buttons to launch corresponding app:
Maps button: launch selected navigation app
Phone button: launch stock contacts app
Music button: launch current media player
Shortcuts button: launch first app in shortcuts list
- Added support for Hudway Go navigation
- Bug fixes

For those who visit this page often may have noticed it's been a little quiet here lately. Unfortunately I don't get a lot of time to work on AutoMate these days, I apologize for the delayed responses and infrequent updates.

Hi, is this app still being developed? Play store shows the last update as of 24th October 2018?

I have Automate installed on an ATOTO A6 pro running Android and I am having trouble to set Atomate as the home screen, it does not show it as an option in the radio settings
Any ideas on what I could do?

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O AutoMate ficou muito bom no tablet Nexus 7. Ele fica ligado via Bluetooth no som original do meu carro porem tenho uma duvida, eu uso um iPhone 8 plus será que tenho como ligar ele como se fosse meu som no nexus e ele transmitir o audio para som para que eu possa alterar as musicas pelo tablet?
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I'm still running on the older version of poweramp. Is the current beta of automate compatible with v3 of poweramp? I know about year ago there were problems with not being able to control the beta version of poweramp with in automate


How do I stop the volume ducking?
I have Waze Navigation running and Tunein radio in the background
as soon as a navigation instruction are made both Waze and Tune in duck the volume and I can not hear neither. without Automate only the music volume is down and then goes back up. what do i need to do to fix this?

Hallo kann man vielleicht es bei einer neueren Version ermöglichen das man Navigationsapps wie Navigon als Standard verwenden kann. Wäre cool

Will this software actually work with my Pioneer NEX 8000 I have failed to Antroid Auto

salut ! comment fait-on pour télécharger cette superbe aplication ??

Android 9 has a Driving Mode setting, but launching Android Auto is the only option available. Is there a way to add AutoMate to the options?
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