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Please do not unpin this from the top and please read it all cause people have not been read the rules nor have been following them
Also this is a quick update
1. Please absolutely no bullying
2. Please rate on rate my oc post only
3. Please don't steal other people's oc/canon characters
4. Don't claim art that doesn't belong to you
5. When rating please no rude comments like: "it hurts my eyes" or "kill it"
6. Please don't comment "..." on anything
7. Please I beg you no spam
8. Please don't act childish if you don't get an oc, in a base or a request that is already full
9. If you are doing request please finish them all before asking doing more request
10. Don't beg people to give you request
11. Please take your time when doing art
12. Be fair when doing trades/adpotions give everyone a chance
13. If you are going to enter a contest please do finish your art work for it
14. Please listen to mods/owners if they are trying tell you are out of line
15. Mods/Owners please don't go power hungry
16. If a mod or owner steps out of line please inform another mod
17. Please leave personal matters out of the community
18. Please have fun, enjoy and share with your friends
19. NSFW requests are allowed. BUT, you cannot post ANY NSFW pic on here at all costs
20. (Basically the Nexus Rule for Bad MLP OCs) You need to give bads, goods, and suggestions when rating OCs. No high rates. You need to give a reason why it's good and some things that need to be changed and suggestions. ((FOLLOW THIS RULE))
21. Any oc is accepted, unless people aren't butthurt about it. (Like Homestuck) If there is any argument between this rule, there will be consequences.
That goes for everyone, MODS and MEMBERS.

People you can contact if you see any rule breaking or are in need of any help:
+Nil Linx​​​​ : moderator
+Itz_AraStar​​​​ : another moderator
+Jolt The Amazing Tesla Pegasus​​​​ : yet again moderator
+Adventurous Spirit​​​​ : not really even on here anymore, but he is still a moderator
+Vulkus​​​​ : what is this? A moderator :O
+Crying Why​​​​ : why isn't this a moderator....shocking
+Amiss Fortune​​​​ : 42 and Phil obsessed moderator
Lastly and less importantly +Moon Dust​​​​ : trashy ninja owner

Anyways please do enjoy the community we moderators aren't always active, but in all fairness we do have a life outside off google plus so please do respect each other, also help us bring this community back to life since it kinda died.


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1- +Uni kitty
No more than one

I took some requests from the repost... sorry

If you want one comment with a picture of your Oc, if there is anything unclear about your Oc I will ask, do not be offended!

I will do a sketch with "ink" (I normally "line" with a ballpoint pen)on paper or a sketch digitally(I might color it)
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Could anyone put these ocs in this base art please
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Would anyone like to draw one of my female ocs ?
If you're free
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Ok this plant is up for trade I'll take

•outher plants
•anthro animals (most preferred)

What I won't trade

•stolen ocs
•complex ponys


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Is this cute? Tell me in the comments plz #my oc

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Rate my mlp oc based off looks and stats/Bio?

Note: please be polite when rating, it's fine to state what you think could be fixed, but keep in mind I'm a human with feelings lmao

So I made an mlp oc. Time to give it a Bio and stats

Name: hawk sketch
Species: unicorn
Cutie mark: a bird with a paintbrush for a tail
Accessories: green and yellow bandana with green and yellow bracelets
Eye color: green
Gender: female
Filly, young pony, or mare?: mare
Sexuality: pansexual
Magic color: green
Mane color: dark brown
Coat color: light beige / tan

Lives: manehattan

Job: artist

Family: floralhooves (mom, alive, unicorn ), splatter (father,alive,unicorn)

Friends: varied ponies in manehattan and canterlot, her family, and her cat.

Thoughts on princesses/ mane six: uhhh thanks for keeping equestria safe....? Good job ruling..??

Personality: a bit blunt, and tends to be a perfectionist. She is very creative and likes animals. She is an ambervert. She can come off as a bit rude to other ponies however, and tends to exaggerate. She is fairly nice when you get to know her though. She does have a sense of humor and likes making people smile.

How she got her cutie mark: she was always a creative pony, and she likes animals, especially birds . When she started painting her works, she sometimes would give them to her friends for free. Seeing their happiness when they received the paintings made her very happy too, and she got her cutie mark. To this day she continues putting the smiles to peoples faces when she sells her works.

Back Story: she came from canterlot, always painting and studying animals. After getting a degree in pony college (if that exists) and getting very good at painting , she decided to step it up a notch and move to the big city of manehattan. She got a studio there, and lives in an apartment with her pet cat Lilly. She lets her family visit a lot, and visits them often too.

Fears/dislikes: heights, loosing someone she loves, art theft, fire (an irrational fear), her art getting ruined (say from water spilling ln it or her cat using the canvas as a scratching board) , rude/annoying customers

Likes: getting nice amounts of money (from her job), nice costumers, family, food, art, animals, and sleep.she also likes conversation and music

Haha it's under construction, but feel free to rate it or give tips lmao 

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TLK ocs 😊
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