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Please do not unpin this from the top and please read it all cause people have not been reading the rules nor have been following them
Also this is a quick update
1. Please absolutely no bullying
2. Please rate on rate my oc post only
3. Please don't steal other people's oc/canon characters
4. Don't claim art that doesn't belong to you
5. When rating please no rude comments like: "it hurts my eyes" or "kill it"
6. Please don't comment "..." on anything
7. Please I beg you no spam
8. Please don't act childish if you don't get an oc, in a base or a request that is already full
9. If you are doing request please finish them all before asking doing more request
10. Don't beg people to give you request
11. Please take your time when doing art
12. Be fair when doing trades/adpotions give everyone a chance
13. If you are going to enter a contest please do finish your art work for it
14. Please listen to mods/owners if they are trying tell you are out of line
15. Mods/Owners please don't go power hungry
16. If a mod or owner steps out of line please inform another mod
17. Please leave personal matters out of the community
18. Please have fun, enjoy and share with your friends
19. NSFW requests are allowed. BUT, you cannot post ANY NSFW pic on here at all costs
20. (Basically the Nexus Rule for Bad MLP OCs) You need to give bads, goods, and suggestions when rating OCs. No high rates. You need to give a reason why it's good and some things that need to be changed and suggestions. ((FOLLOW THIS RULE))
21. Any oc is accepted, unless people aren't butthurt about it. (Like Homestuck) If there is any argument between this rule, there will be consequences.
That goes for everyone, MODS and MEMBERS.

People you can contact if you see any rule breaking or are in need of any help:
+Nil Linx​​​​​ : moderator
+Itz_AraStar​​​​​ : another moderator
+Lucia Annamara​​​​​ : yet again moderator
+Adventurous Spirit​​​​​ : not really even on here anymore, but he is still a moderator
+Vulkus​​​​​ : what is this? A moderator :O
+Party Poison​​​​​ : why isn't this a moderator....shocking
+Amiss Fortune​​​​​ : 42 and Phil obsessed moderator
Lastly and less importantly +Moon Dust​​​​​ : trashy ninja owner

Anyways please do enjoy the community we moderators aren't always active, but in all fairness we do have a life outside off google plus so please do respect each other, also help us bring this community back to life since it kinda died.


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Pls rate her
Name: Rabbits
Age: 13
Species: ware rabbit/Shadow Demon
Hates: humans (some exceptions can be made), bright light, affection
Likes: cake, cows, hugs, darkness
Favorite colors: red/black
Not shown in picture: has a chain necklace with a pentagram on it and has horns. She has a devil tail accept instead of an arrow at the end there is a tuft of fur. She has big claws.
Powers: she can change between human and rabbit although she always has rabbit ears. Can walk through solid objects.
Weapons: a chainsaw
Personality: lazy, anger issues, loud kinda

Backstory: her mother (demon) had abandoned Rabbits, her father (ware rabbit), and her twin brother (Jack) for an unknown reason. There were humans hunting down her father who was trying to protect her and Jack. When a hunter shot their father, Jack and Rabbits ran in opposite directions. When she was safe, Rabbits went back but couldn't find Jack.

Sorry for the sad backstory :p

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Can anyone please draw a young man around the age of 24, about 6'0 tall, he proudly wear some black converse, blue jeans preferably ripped , a band tee or antihalloween shirt and light grey hoodie, pale skin, his eyes are a shocking forest green and his hair is a messy light blue with a few black blue, as well as a silver lip piercing his name is Milo Seer? he is needed for a story I just created lol

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Is anyone willing to draw hooman Moon maybe her wearing the flannel sweater that is in one of the pictures below
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Okay I will hold a contest for my story Snow Flake I need cover art if you need any idea here is the story: I would personally like something digital and revolving around the two main characters the mysterious man and Zoey please be sure to include the stories name in it
The Winners will get
1st prize:
Huge shout out on all my social medias minus Facebook that is my personal account that I use there and I don't use it
2 Free OCS of your choice from here:
And one free story request or base edit I guess examples below

2nd place
Shout out on here
1 Free OC from here:
A free story request or um base edit maybe examples below

Shout out
1 free story request or terrible base edit by me examples below
Due Date: um July 15th I guest
The only rules I have are:
1. Leave it at least pg-13
2. Please don't put your ocs in it
3. Have an understanding of the story
4. I would prefer digital, but I will accept traditional
5. This is mandatory of course: HAVE FUN ^~^
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Comment on original only
Anyone want commissions done? I have an emergency and really need points and I'm doing these much cheaper than usual

Headshot- 5
Halfbody- 10
Fullbody- 15

Normal colored
headshot - flat 20 shaded 30
halfbody - flat 40 shaded 50
fullbody - flat 60 shaded 70

Simple- 35
Complex- 50-70 (depends)

my DA
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Could anyone draw any of these guys for me? I'd greatly appreciate it!
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I was wondering which hairstyle you guys thought looked the best

I think I'm going to make super curly medium length hair, basically combining things(C and D)
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Could you rate this female dwarf I made by looks?

lol I need to make a ref and a bio but I just made them
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