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The average American consumes 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars in one year. There are 120 teaspoons in one pound of sugar.

During this #SugarAwarenessWeek we encourage you to make healthier decisions and become aware of how a substance that is in almost every processed food you eat is affecting your body, mind, and emotions.

You will become aware of how hard it is to find foods that do not contain some form of sugar.

If you would like to get involved by taking Sugar Awareness Week to a next level, what about experiencing a sugar awareness challenge… Can you do it?

Visit this website:

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How healthcare mobile apps help doctors and patients

Know complete information about how enterprise mobility solutions help healthcare sector for managing patient, doctor data & everything using mobile application. -

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how to keep your health fitness-USA Health Tips || American Healthcare ||

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trendy. In addition to that, it is one of the easiest and fastest hair-dos that you might attempt to have at home. All you need to do is put your flat iron on and work it through the strands. Yet, with all its benefits, comes along a serious problem represented with burnt fried ends. And why is that? Because you probably did some mistakes while straightening your hair. In this article, we will provide you with new hairstyle design tips to avoid further damage by avoiding these mistakes and fixing them with reliable steps that keep your strands healthy.
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Most people who spend most of their day on their feet have certain health conditions which require them to wear compression socks. Because they spend most of their time standing, their feet and legs become stressed and sometimes they swell. And so, to limit the swelling of the legs and also to reduce the stress that their legs and feet feel, wearing compression socks is most recommended by most health professionals.
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