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Kekeke I hop you "meow"

Dante,Kiwi-chan, Aphmau
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I did my best on this Kekeke "meow"

I will tell you the story of this
OK if I get 10 likes on this I will tell you the story Kekeke "meow"

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I did this for aphmau "meow"
Kekeke hop you like it "meow"

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Name- Lana
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Personality- Loner, secretive, gives people a bit of a cold shoulder, finds it hard to make friends
Other- She's a ninja... Obviously...

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Name: Phoebe
Nickname: bumblebee or hydro girl
Age: 13. \/
Gender: female. \/
Likes: Minecraft diaries. \/
(I'm the best Jedi ever). \/
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Hi i-i new wh-what do i need to know?
Name: Shadow (nickname)
Personality: funny fun easily gets mad I stuter when I am nervous or not used to some thing/one happy
Likes: to have fun to stay up all night partying
Dislikes: blood PPL that are mean to me or other
Looks: black hair with some dark red tips brown eyes black dress short in the front and long in the back black wings
I a-am not a demon if that is what you think because the black.

Weekness: knock out by magic
Looks:long sky blue hair, light blue eyes, tan skin, black and blue jacket, black skinny jeans, black and blue Jordan's
Teacher/Student: student
Skills:fight, protect,
Magic's:can transform into a member of the jury of nine

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Name: Jessica
Nickname:Balloon Girl, Jess, JJ
Age: 15
Likes: Parties; Reading
Dislikes: People full of them self;Tests
Bio: Doesn't  remember 
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Age: 16
Siblings: 1 twin brother and little brother and sister
Abilities:Flame and spirits
Bio: She might be nice like her mother but she has the temper and strength of her father which is bad ,she has 1 twin brother, if they are in the same room you can bet there will be trouble,hair turns blonde when angry

Siblings:1 twin sister and little brother and sister
Abilities: Flame
Bio: He might be mean like his father but he has the temper of his mother which is good he has 1 twin sister, if they are in the same room you can bet there will be trouble,hair turns, hair turns blonde when
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