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Name:Eden eternity's bane
Hair: long black hair
Clothing: obsidian armor with titanium plating
Weapon: two nodachi
Semblance: temperature control of everything I can see with in 15 miles activated by snapping my fingers or physical contact (snapping is long range)
Aura: the ability to become ethereal for short periods of time (1 minute at a time before it starts effecting my body)
Race: bat faunus (wings large)
Height: 6'3
(First has armor second has wings)
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Happy New Year!

Character layout:unzipped green hoodie with a black t-shirt underneath, black jeans, and bulky green and black high tops.  He is a faunus with black angel like wings.
Name: Avon Valkari
Hair: long, black, spiked, and partially covers left side of face.
Clothing: unzipped hoodie, black t-shirt, black jeans, and bulky black with green highlights high top shoes.
Weapon: Rapier 
Semblance: Quick shadow teleportation.
Race: Faunus
Background: He is a current member of a group of the White Fang who still follow the old way.

Name: Mera Raynar
Hair: White-Blonde, short and poofy
Clothing: Black pants and baggy military jacket, white combat boots, white shirt
Weapon: Battleaxe that turns into a super-accurate rocket launcher
Semblance: Ability to detirmine what someone's worst nightmare is and make it manifest.
Aura: Gives people nightmares, just by being there.
Photo: Coming When My Ability To Draw Returns

Very Bouncy. Nora mixed with Yang.
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