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if you cod you probably know this one

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can you guess this one

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Hint~ Natalia Kills 

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Hint-chainsmokers ft.hasley

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A-is for amber who drowned in a pool
B-is for billy whi was eaten bye gools
C-is for curt with deses in the brane
D- is for danie drellied on a train
E-is for eric who was burried alive
F- is for frank who was stabed in the eye
G-is for greg who died in a mord
H-is for hether who was sold on a tomb
I-is for lsaac who lost his frunt breacks
J-is for jonny who was bittwn bye snakes
K-is for kimmy who was shot in the head
L-is for larry who bled and bled
M-is for mary who was burnet to crisp
N-is for nice with pummblee fist
O-is for oliver who lived life to fasr
P-is for pat who sawlloed some glass
Q- is for quention who took the wrong trail
R-is for renna who roted in jail
S-is for steve who was shot wiyh a bow
T-is for tori who froze in snow
U-is for urich who was tampler in snow
V-is for vanessa who fell off a roof
W-is for will who was hit bye a car
X-is for xzavior who sunk in tar
Y-is for yessa who fell of a plane
Z-is for zack who simply went insane

Hint: Bon Jovi

Its all the same
Only the names will change
It seems we're wasting away
Another place
Where the faces are so cold
I drive all night
Just to get back home

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Hint-wicked musical 

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Hint-Bruno mars

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Hint- Rachel platten
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