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Welcome to the Ingress Resistance in the UK! This is our public contact community for new players and visitors!

Welcome to Ingress! We are really glad you downloaded Ingress and chose to fight for the good guys! UK resistance is a strong community throughout the country, with a great record on anomaly wins and incredible strength in mega fielding. There are plenty of agents waiting to give you tips and help! Ingress is a team game and you'll have more fun building, smashing and eating cake with your local team mates

If you haven't downloaded the free game yet, go to

How to get involved!

Post a "hello" comment on this post, or in any of the sections for different areas of the UK.
You can find a local hangouts chat by visiting
Check out this website for hints and tips on gameplay

Visiting the UK?

Welcome international visitors! Post in our "Visiting the UK" section and we will make sure you get the contacts you need! You can also click here to find a local visitors hangout

London has an excellent visitors hangout with a lot of great information on missions and uniques!

Next level?

If you are an established resistance agent in the UK looking to get more involved, you might want to look here

Want to keep abreast of updates for the UK?
Make sure you circle +Home Guard - Resistance UK​ for all the latest news on anomalies, meetups, #LostTowns, and more!
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There's 50 days to go until the next round of anomalies, this time it's Recursion Prime. We had some close fought battles in the last round, fantastic get togethers and new friends found.

Time to do it again! Next up in Europe is Brno (Bryes!), Frankfurt and Palma de Mallorca (#HereBeDragons!). That's three amazing sites to choose from and they all want you there. Make sure you check in with your local community to find a group going from across the UK and start getting yourselves ready for the next big event.
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Mission days are awesome to explore cities, but also really good for new players, portals change owner every minute because of so many players, come and join one of the upcoming MD in Europe:
here are the known/announced mission days in Europe:
20 January, Saturday Kaunas, Lith. mission day -
27 January, Saturday antwerp, be mission day
4 February, Sunday Bresica, Italy mission day
(close to Bergamo, Milano)
17 February, Saturday alcala de H, Spain mission day
(close to Madrid)
11 March, Sunday Enschede, NL mission day
31 March, saturday Tarragona, Spain mission day
(Easter weekend !)
and FINALLY something in the UK
7 April, Saturday Maidstone, UK mission day
Mission Day Maidstone
Mission Day Maidstone

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Sorry we couldn't keep you updated throughout the day, we were too busy making sure Belfast was BLUE!

Thanks to everyone who came, helped or sent us good vibes throughout.

And congrats to Zagreb and Berlin for making it a clean sweep of all European sites!

I'm sure we'll have photos at some point once we're less full of cake, it's time for the after party. Hope to see you there, in the mean time check out +Greg C​ and +Miss Priss​ our embedded reporters to see some action shots.


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There's just 2 weeks left until we hold the biggest UK event of the year, and we still want you all to join us in Belfast for the EXO5 anomaly!

Sign up at

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Niantic registration is open!

Sign up and join us in Belfast on November 4th for the biggest and most dazzling UK ingress event of the year.

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Niantic have officially announced the name for the November 4th Belfast anomaly, join us for EXO5. We know there have been issues with the pronunciation of things in the last series so we've prepared this helpful video to sound it out for you.

Sign up at

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Anomalies are great, traveling is fun but how the heck do I get to this Belfast place? Easy! There are so many ways to get to Belfast! You can fly, you can get a ferry from across the UK and France, you can cycle from anywhere in Ireland (if you're keen) or get a boat from the Hebrides if you fancy it.

If you're coming here from outside of the UK it's usually cheaper to fly in to Dublin and get the hourly bus service for just €24 return.  

Check these guides from our lovely team that might be useful:

Getting to Belfast city centre:

Getting the ferry to Ireland:

We've put some helpful information in the pictures below, and we're here to help if you need it. See you there!

Sign up at:
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It's anomaly time again! Belfast’s already looking awesome, we're excited and we want you to be excited with us. With new rules and a new city to play in it could be a pretty unique experience! If you're already convinced, you can sign up now at

But we get it, you've got options and you want to know why you should come to Belfast. I'm so glad you asked! The UK and Ireland have experienced plenty of anomalies and have brought you some intense action with both sides fighting tooth and nail to try and gain a lead over the other.

We've recruited some of the best and most experienced agents from across the world (hopefully including you!) and some are hard at work on the plans already. We'll get you all introduced later on.

So we're going to have an amazing anomaly and you're still not sure about Belfast? Well let me give you some of the highlights. We're a notoriously friendly city and there's so much for you to see and do.

We built the Titanic (and it was fine when it left here!) then built a museum for it for you to nosy around.

We gave you Irish music, although we just call it music over here.

We’ve given you Van Morrison, George Best, Kenneth Branagh, C.S. Lewis and Chaim Herzog to mention but a few.

We have a history and culture that goes back further than I know, and is so intriguing it's spread out across the world.

We gave you stories of leprechauns, giants, cattle raids and dragons -- that's actually why they film Game of Thrones here, they're really hard to transport.

Belfast has brilliant banner missions ranging across the city, and plenty of portals.

We are the kings of the pre-anomaly breakfast with our signature “Ulster Fry”, and everyone knows wherever you
go around the world you'll find an Irish pub -- this is your chance to try a real one.

And then, we have that accent you like so much.

I could go on for days here, or you could just come over and I'll show you. We can't do this without you and together on November 4th #BelfastWillBeBlue

Tl;dr: Belfast's going to be great, you're going to have fun, we'll see you there. Sign up at
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November Lima will be back in Europe shortly
Come and join us one of this cross-faction event where you can also win some swag in weekly competition

16 Oct Monday Leeds England
18 Oct Wednesday Edinburgh Scotland
20 Oct friday Belfast Northern Ireland
22 Oct Sunday Dublin Ireland
24 Oct Tuesday Glasgow Scotland
26 Oct Thursday London England
Here is the complete list of cities and RSVP links for the NL-1331 Europe tour! We will be announcing competition details this coming week!

5 Sept Tuesday Hamburg Germany
7 Sept Thursday Hannover Germany
9 Sept saturday Dusseldorf Germany
11 Sept Monday Frankfurt Germany
12 Sept tuesday Munich Germany
14 Sept Thursday Leipzig Germany
16 sept saturday Copenhagen Denmark
18 Sept Monday Gothenburg Sweden
19 Sept Tuesday Oslo Norway
23 Sept Saturday Stockholm Sweden
26 Sept Tuesday Helsinki Finland
27 Sept wednesday Tallinn Estonia
29 Sept friday Riga Latvia
1 Oct Sunday Vilnius Lithuania
3 Oct tuesday Warsaw Poland
5 Oct Thursday Prague Czech Rep
8 Oct Sunday Bratislava Slovakia
10 Oct tuesday Bologna Italy
12 Oct Thursday Lyon France
14 Oct Saturday Paris France
16 Oct Monday Leeds England
18 Oct Wednesday Edinburgh Scotland
20 Oct friday Belfast Northern Ireland
22 Oct Sunday Dublin Ireland
24 Oct Tuesday Glasgow Scotland
26 Oct Thursday London England
28 Oct Saturday Antwerp Belgium
30 Oct Monday The Hague The Netherlands
1 Nov Wednesday Amsterdam The Netherlands
4 Nov Saturday Berlin Germany

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