Hello, everybody
Good idea of the app, will be the version in Russian

Feature request: sync

I have both a phone and a tablet now, and it would be great to sync read entries between the two. I expect I'll want to use my tablet most of the time, but I won't always have it with me.

Thanks for the update!
Happy holidays.

Hi, Stefan, please add the Portuguese language to the language options for translating the app. Tnx!

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Hi Stefan, sorry, I hit the wrong button and posted/deleted the whole thread. However got your notification. Downloaded v 2.18.004. Works beautifully.
Great work. Thank You. Wish you Happy Easter.

The + Button is difficult to find. I would place it to the top right hand corner as I need it often. Or as a floating button to the bottom right hand corner.

Example feeds would be great to see as it takes time manually to send myself an email message with a URL and then copy and paste it to this app. It is much easier to use my computer to find urls and then give the urls to my Android device via the email app.

Examples of feeds: Ars Technica, Engadget, MacCast, Jesse Liberty, etc.

Great Update, thank you

Hi! After using this for a couple of months now, I am very satisfied on the whole. There is just one little thing I would wish for, and that has to do with notifications. Whenever I click my notification and read through all the new entries (clear them with the button), the notification still stays in the phones "taskbar"(?).
Most apps clean their notification(s) after reading up on whatever the notification was about.
Maybe something like checking if all news are read, and clear the notification?

like aggregator
sorry no version 2,1,4, opportunities to celebrate automatically read while scrolling
as much as possible by email to receive a copy of the 2.7.0
whether free trial version or not?

Is this group still active? I currently installed version 2.13.4 for Android and was directed here, only to find that the latest post seems to involve version 2.7.0 from ~65 weeks ago.

Anyway, just wanted to drop by to say that this seems to be a very nice and lightweight app for my RSS-feed-needs! :)
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