My cock lies here, half dormant on my stomach. waiting for an adventurous person who wants to go all the way into fantasy. Are you the person to go there with me? I am open to either sex. One fast and hard rule is that there will never be a meet and greet. I write. I write very graphically, but, I don't touch. If your desire ever comes to the point where you want to have something other than an online relationship, forget it. It won't happen. I may be very graphic in my writing but to tell you the truth I am a shy person. Meeting people freezes me up.Let me be free with you online. Let me connect with your desires and assume a personae you would want. I can be what you want via the internet. If your spirit is excited by word pictures, I am your man. Try me. Maybe you will only try it once. Maybe you will fing that the experience enhances your sex life with another. I will always be your online lover; faceless and so into you.
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