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found this on google
Animated Photo

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o my jesus
just nothing too personal

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do it i dare you all

Trying to hold on
To stay
To keep on being
Who I am
But my fingers 
Are slipping
Memories flood through
My last thoughts
I gaze down
There is nothing
but darkness there
This cannot be the end
And just as I
Start to let go
Accept that I will 
A hand comes and
Grabs mine
A face looks
Down at me
And smiles
It's not time for you
To go just yet
She says
And she pulls me up
Back into the world

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*Delicious phases of the moon. ;)

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Homework kills us. (Haha, doing homework right now)

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so tru

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I need help!
I need a fandom quote that's six, seven, twelve, or fourteen words long.

I would love it if the quote was from HP, HG, PJO, TMI, TID, Star Wars, LOTR/The Hobbit, The Selection, or Legend. And maybe other fandoms that I can't think of right now. Preferably HP though.

Here's why: On my iPad I currently have 7 categories, and up until now I've always had the sevens from HP, like the horcruxes, Weasleys, spells, etc. Now, though, I want to change it up a bit by using a quote.

~Jamie the Angelic Egg-Throwing Witch
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