How to be yourself

!اسلام و علیکم
Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited and nervous as this is my first blog ever. I may sound stupid or illogical in this post but as this is my first post I deserve a tap on my shoulder, right?

I think bright. We think bright. Yes the more you think bright, you will think right. Thinking bright will not only help you but the people in your surroundings as well. You can consider it a motivational, being positive kind of a blog but if only one person gets me and changes his or her approach towards life, my day is made. I have so many interesting things to share with all of you and I believe the feelings and words from my heart will definitely find a place in your heart. In sha ALLAH.

How to be yourself? Isn’t it simple? No ... it isn’t. Most of the time we are not what we are, be it with family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues even with our own selves. We lie to our selves so much. Yes we don’t accept easily, right or wrong both. We try our best to give the best first impression, may be because they say, “First impression is the last impression.” Oh please, whoever said this I don’t agree with you. First impression is the most fake impression one can ever get or give. Yes there are exceptions and that one in a billion is an angel but my blog is for the rest of the billion. Angels don’t need help. People like me and you do need advice on how to be yourself and still build a good image of yourself. I know you’ll agree with me when I say being yourself is not an easy beezee thing. So I have a two quick advices for all the people who think they are not who they are or want to be.

Don’t lie.
Yes we lie because we are afraid to tell the truth and end up putting ourselves in a bad spot. Please I request, try to keep quiet if you cannot answer if you don’t want to hurt anyone with your bitter truth. Just be quiet. We lie in the smallest circumstances to the biggest circumstances. We lie because we want to build an image, save or destroy someone else’s image, we lie because we don’t believe in ourselves and specially we don’t put our faith in ALLAH. There are always so many people related to each one of us, and then when you lie you not only put yourself in a bad zone but you risks other’s emotions and lives with your pretty lie. And most importantly You Are Not Being Yourself. Even worse is that when we lie we do anything to defend that lie, we are making sure to make every bit of our lie, a truth. Bad manners. Shame shame.
Guys please make yourself a strong person to tell and face the truth, believe in it, believe in yourself, that when you are not doing anything wrong to anybody, nothing wrong can happen to you. Make every second of your life a better one. Work on yourself rather than working on other people. If I am not working on myself how can I tell you to work on yourself, if I am not stopping myself from lying, how can I tell you? So I work on this daily, I try to be myself daily, with my parents, husband, kids, in laws, brothers and sister. I try every day. And when you don’t lie, you feel really strong, you don’t have to hide anything, and pretend to be a person you are not, and then you are actually proud to be yourself.

Value your relations
I know I know sometimes your really hate your relations. Sometimes you really want to run away from every person around you, you don’t want to be under supervision, under guidance, under protection, under control and under power. But heeeeeyyyy! Let me remind you in case you forget, you are not a superwoman or a superman. Your need support you need protection emotionally, practically and professionally. You are self sufficient, great! Your are not dependant, even better! Your don’t need anyone, a bad dream I say!
Imagine yourself living in a big house with a beautiful car and so many staff taking care of you and your work. But wait where did u get that big house? oh I know, your father left so many money for you but hey you aren’t dependant on anybody then you must have earned it right?. Then how did you earn it? You earned it by having and maintaining good relations. You help others and others help you. From coming to this world to the times you conquer it, from your parent, brothers and sisters, friends, baes, servants, colleagues, and your boss. You are dependant on everyone and then when you become a boss, you throw your parents out, you give a piece of mind to your brothers and sisters, you don’t bother about your friends, you give a damn to your employees and you call yourself a boss? Call yourself a Bass. ( BAD A*S).
Be a good human being, value your relations, give them the love they gave you when you needed it, give them your time your feelings. Help people, help them become a good person and be a good one yourself. When ALLAH gives you power, use that power to think bright. Feel good about when people look at you for their needs. Be thankful for every second you are living, you still are living better than many many many billions of people around the world in every capacity.
Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (For those who don't know him he was a great leader and a founder of Islamic Republic of Pakistan) said, ‘Learn to obey for only then you will learn to command’.

So I end my first post here, don’t lie and value your relations. That’s all folks. I hope you will try to think bright because the more you think bright you’ll do right.
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