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Title Months Spent Together

It had been six months since Tempest and Damien had teamed up, since then they had grown fairly close and learned more about each other such as why Tempest was almost never in her actual appearance. She hated how she actually looked. For most of the months Damien had only seen her as a strong willed young women but the one night he had seen her crying. She didn't find out about him seeing her in a weak state like that. At the moment it was night and they were setting up camp in the woods, a different part then where they first met. Tempest wore a black tang top, black corset, black mini skirt, black ripped leggings, black leather lace up combat boots, and some chains. The outfit hugged her curves. As she worked on shelter thoughts ran through her head. In truth Tempest had changed some feelings towards the male she was partnered up with but never let it show or let herself tell him. She simply told herself that she didn't really feel that way towards him but in all reality she did but was scared of being hurt. As she worked she blew hair out of her moss green eyes to see better. Like always she was in Shabina's appearance
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Mellinda walks around the Graveyard. She's been working and doing anything she could to try and distract herself all day, yet she couldn't help but think about her sick friend, needing help and what she should do about it.
And now here she is walking around the Graveyard, trying to decide if she should stay here or try to get away and give up the fight. Accept to get unwound and have a chance to save her friend. Then again she has no idea where her parts would go if she did get unwound. She sighs softly, so focused in her thoughts that she ends up running into someone and falls backwards
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Title Meeting One Another

Tempest roamed the woods wearing a tight black tang top, a black and silver corset, black leather pants, some silver chains, thick black leather bracelets, and her black leather combat boots. Her yin yang tramp tattoo could be seen. She looked like her twin sister Shabina. Long black and light brown ombre hair, pale skin tone, Beautiful moss green eyes, and a thin curvy body figure. She stayed well hidden and could hear cars zooming down the road. All of them people who hunted and looked for Awols such as herself. She saw someone, either her age or around her age which was 15. She narrowed her eyes, it was a male. She saw one of the cars go closer to him. She darted towards him. Tackling him to the ground and under a bush. She was pressed against him. Her chest pressed against his, a hand over his mouth, her head next to his, one knee against his crotch, and the other leg pressed against his. She heard the van stop and the person get out. She waited until he or she left, praying they didn't see her or the boy
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Rp anyone?

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”Appreciate everything around you before moments turn into memories”
“Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things, It just means you have to accept things and continue living”
”How can you save someone whose soul has been through hell”
“Light will help you escape the deepest darkness and darkness will help you see through the brightest light”

Name: Tempest Storm

Nickname: Storm Awol

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Appearance: Long hair that has multiple shades of blue, Pale skin tone, Pierced ears, Pierced lip, Tattoos on her arms and stomach, Yin Yang tramp tattoo on her lower back, Thin toned curvy body figure, and a Medium sized bust

Faceclaim: Unknown

Height: 5’4

Weight: 150 Pounds

Hair Color: Multiple shades of blue

Eye Color: Moss Green

Other: She has a scar ridden body and her sisters souls were wound into hers so she is able to switch her look to three other girls. She tends to stay in Shabina’s form

Personality: Tempest is stubborn, Cold when you first meet her, Caring and loving when you get to know her, She’s scared of being forgotten and being left alone, She becomes protective when dating someone or if she values someone as a friend, She’s soft hearted and loves to have fun but overall she’s serious about things, She doesn’t want anyone to be unwound due to having her sisters be unwound, and she has been seen to have a short temper at times

Family: Shabina Storm Twin Sister - Deceased
Sabrina Storm Twin Sister - Deceased
Alexis Storm Twin Sister - Deceased

Brief History: Tempest family didn’t believe in unwinding but once Tempest’s life was in danger the three sisters were unwound and their souls put into Tempest’s body. This gave her the ability to switch her appearance when she wanted to do so. As she grew older she grew reblouis as well. Going against her parents words. This made them sign her up for unwinding. She didn’t know about this until the men came to get her. She ran, a storm pouring outside at the time, The men went after her but crashed and were killed due to the slippery roads. She now is on the run until she turns eighteen

1-4 Tempest Storm
5 Shabina Storm - Main Form
6 Sabrina Storm
7 Alexis Storm
8 Her Tattoo
9-16 Her Outfits
27 Her Motorcycle - Stolen
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Here is the profile for characters from other fandoms

Quotes: (optional)

Oc or cannon?:
Relationship status:

Appearance(you can add a picture or faceclaim or make the description a little longer)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Other:(scars,tatoos,piercings...anything you want to add)

Personality: (doesnt have to be long but please use sentences not just words)


Brief History: (doesnt have to be long but give at least a little background your character)

Since i decided to allow oc or canon characters from other fandoms i'll also add that the profile template for a character of another will be pretty much the same as the usual one except i'd like you to add.
-Which fandom your character is from (just name the fandom.Give more information if you want but you dont have to.And just add if the charcter is a canon character or an oc)
-Your character "knowledge" of the Unwind universe.( Does your character know anything about Unwinding?Did he already met an Unwind?Did anyone told them about it?....)

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"I have no idea what to do now"
"I'll accept to be Unwound but only if it can help him"
"I dont know what to do"
"Please.Help me."

Name: Melinda Drea Brown
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single

Appearance(you can add a picture or faceclaim or make the description a little longer)
Faceclaim: Elle Fanning
Height: She's quite short
Weight: She's a bit too thin
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Other:(scars,tatoos,piercings...anything you want to add) no piercing.Tatoos in the pictures

Personality: She's kind and caring.She loves helping around.She woud do anthing for her friends.Her behaviour change quite a lot when she is around her family.She becomes cold and closed off.She can be a bit paranoid and lately she is quite confused

Family: She'd rather not talk about it.Her parents never wanted a kid so they sign her Unwind order that's all she will say.

Brief History:
She grew up with her parents who never really wanted her.Her birth was ab accident from a night when both her parents were drunk.They wanted to stork her but some of their neighours saw her so they kept her as thet didnt want to a make a bad impression to them.Tough they treated her quite bad but kept it a secret.She knew they will sign her Unwind order one day so as soon as she turned 13 she started searching around the house at night at least three times a month.One night she did find it and ran away.She didnt have many friends either.Only one of them accepted to help her get away.She is now at the Graveyard bit learn that her friend was quite sick and might need some transplant.Now she doesnt now if she'll stay at the graveyard or accept to be Unwound hopping it can help him.
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Okay just a question...lately i'm kinda obssesed with the Unwind dystology and like making cross-overs so...i was thinking i might make this community as "mainly" an Unwind rp but other fandoms can also be included.Like of you want to make a character from another fansom you this a good idea?
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This should stay only an Unwind rp
It could include other fandoms

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"Being Unwound is a blessing."
"Oh my god, we're going to die.."
I-i can't do this!"

Name: "Damien Lucas Matthews."
Age: "15."
Gender: "Male."
Sexuality: "Hetrosexual."
Relationship status: "Um no."

Faceclaim: Kenzie Roth
Height: "6'0"
Weight: "120 lbs"
Hair Color: "Brown"
Eye Color: "Hazel"
Other: "None, my parents wanted my body to be as perfect as it can be."

Personality: Damien is stoic and diligent, he believed in what his family wants him to until he met Aliyah. After Damien realizes what happens to the Unwind for real, he wises up and realizes that being Unwound was murder. After his escape he became jaded and haunted by his inability to save his friend.

| Sarah | Mother | 42 |
| Johnathan | Father | 45 |
| Marcus| Brother | 24 |
| Lucas | Brother | 24 |
| Faith | Sister | 23 |
| Chasity | Sister | 21 |
| Charity | Sister | 19 |
| Gregory | Brother | 19 |
| Hope | Sister | 18 |
| Grace | Sister | 17 |
| Christian | Twin Brother | 15|

Brief History: The Matthews have always been a religious family. Their father John was always a stern man always demanding the best from his children. They upheld the churches beliefs which includes tithes. As Damien was the tenth child he always known he would be Unwound and thought it was a blessing and that it was his duty to God to be Unwound. On the way to the Camp he met another tithe Aliyah who had other ideas Ali told him that every life was sacred, and once he realized that being Unwound was basically like death he promised Ali he would save them. When the camp was attacked by Clappers he tried to escape with her but realized he got to her too late and she was Unwound. Damien made it to the Graveyard unhurt but haunted by his inability to save Ali.
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