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I have updated my GoFundMe campaign extensively to give viewers a better understanding as to what I am trying to accomplish and why. Even if you have already checked it out, please take another look. Also please like, share, and donate! Your contribution will help us get the ball rolling so we can start serving our community. Help for Today. . . Hope for Tomorrow!

Hi, we look forward to a wonderful and informative experience in this group. We also provide housing for Veterans, so if you know anyone in need of housing, please let us know!

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ACE is launching a more than $1million scholarship program designed to help veterans get certified as personal trainers.

ACE will offer at least 1,000 full-ride, self-study training programs and certifications through the rest of 2013, ACE chief Scott Goudeseune tells OFFDuty. Anyone with an honorable discharge is eligible to apply within six months of leaving active duty.

The scholarships will cover study materials, online support, one-on-one counseling, exam fees and job placement programs for those looking to work in a gym or start their own business.

“If purchased separately, all that would cost more than $1,000,” Goudeseune says.

The certification process usually take four to 10 weeks to complete.

Those interested in applying can go to for more information
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