Hello. This is an update on my YouTube channel (cybek two). I have finally achieved 50+ views. I check on my views on occasion and smile every time the number goes up. I know to some people it isn't much but to me it is. People are watching (hopefully enjoying) the Information I release on my scripts and how the soon to be Machinima is coming along. I am now trying to find a new program other than YouTube Editor because it will sometimes mess up the video somehow and I can no longer edit the video. But I am trying to find new programs and a way around this problem. Anyway I just want to thank those of you who watch my videos and appreciate the content I create. I am currently not writing the Script for "A New Dawn" due to all the chargers I have at home all dying out. While production is on hold I am still coming up with new ideas and ways to tell the story. I hope I will not give up on it and get too frustrated or bored to continue the project. I think I have written about enough for this. Have a good day. Bye for now.

Best way to Contact me is at Xbox Live @ Cybek22 

Hello. I would like to tell those of you whom joined that I need help to decide on what to do with "Erakor" a character in my Machinima. He will play a big role but I will not tell of what and how to avoid spoilers. So comment and or message me if you have an idea.
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