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Name:Mia Stone
Specialty:Combat magic
Personality: she's not shy just anti social to people she doesnt know. Very helpful and protective. She is very kind unless you anger or annoy her or her friends. She consjders herself a happy emo. She is also very weird.
Powers:Can turn into any feline. can talk to anything in the cat family.
Weapons:A khopesh
Her brother is Walt Stone and she is friends with the Kanes and Zia. She has an enchanted baby panda that grows with her in age but never dies and stays a baby.
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Name: Alison 
Age: 9
Path: Bast
Specialty: Part combat magician part elementalist
Appearance: Tall, dark brown eyes and raven black hair
Personality: Aggressive, anti social to people I don't know, nice, smart
Powers: Earth powers, combat avatar
Weapons: Twin knives/daggers, a sword and a bow
House: Gladstone

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Name:Kyle Winston
Specialty:Combat magic
Personality:nice, helpful, can and will get angered easily, will help anyone who needs it
Powers:Can run up to incredible speeds, can talk to felines
Weapons:Two, six inch long, twin daggers

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Name: Emily 
Age: 13
Path: Anubis  
Personality: Easy going, Hot tempered, Anti social 
Powers: able to summon dead for short periods of time, can make things die((not humans)), some cimbat magic
Weapons: Daggers,and throwing knives
 House: Nightshade
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I am back from the another world,and i find out that i am sitting on the great room's floor.I forget what happen just now...

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Name- Ryan Holmes
Age- 15
Path- Thoth
Specialty- Divine Words
Personality- he's a bookworm yet friendly and itching to fight whenever there's an opportunity to use his gifts for good

Powers: Can translate Hieroglyphics, and can read Thoth's books no matter the language.

Weapon: Staff

Second picture is Thoth

i take a book of the shelf

notices you

"Hey..uh didn't see you there. Have we met?"

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Name: Lindsey
Age: 13
Path: Bast
If you want to be an Eye, ask me: Could I be the Eye of Bast?
Specialty: Combat magic
Appearance: You need a picture of yourself
Personality: Fun, Tomboyish, funny, energetic
Powers: Can talk to cats and felines
Weapons: khopesh
(Picture by Diana Olympia)

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Name: Thalassa
Age: 15
Path: Nephthys
Specialty: Water elementalist
Appearance: Olive skin, Dark brown hair with blonde streaks, blue eyes
Personality: Daring, Skeptical, brave, defensive
Powers: Can manipulate water & turn into sea creatures
Weapons: Water bow and arrow & dagger
House: Nightshade

Name: Leya Chester
Age: 10 (I know I'm young)
Path: Isis (Eye)
Specialty: Hieroglyphic Magic 
Appearance: Olive skin, Jet black Hip- length, Short and Skinny, Deep Brown Eyes
Personality: Daring, Scaredy-Cat, Shy, Loyal, Empathetic, Creative, Smart, Weird:)
Powers: Turning into a kite, Healing and creating potions
Weapons: Beam of Light
House: 21st House
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