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If you're in need of some prompts to get you going for your reflections over the past year, then I invite you to sign up for the "Mindful Reflections for the New Year" journaling workbook! It's designed to guide you in reflecting on the past year (the good and the bad), lessons learned, and gives you the space to dream up your ideal New Year!

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I'm super excited to announce that I'll be presenting a class on #crystals and #fengshui in an exciting new program called the Chakra Body Cleanse! I would LOVE if you could join me! The first 5 people to join using the link below will receive a free 30 minute crystal feng shui consultation to dig a little deeper into your home and how we can enhance it using crystal energy 😊💗

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Use a Himalayan salt lamp or tea light holder to increase the negative ions and good vibes in your space! This one is lit in my meditation area/sacred space ❤️

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I love that quote. I believe one of the reasons that #mountains are associated with knowledge and self-cultivation is because their majesty puts us in a state of awe, requiring us to really contemplate our place in the universe.

I think this is where the relationship between environment and #spirituality lie.

I have a few photos of mountains I keep in that Gua of my home, and I like to do my reflection, meditation, and dream-setting with them around!

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I found this #fabfind at Big Top Market and fell in love with it! I absolutely love mirrors! They act as activators and amplifiers in spaces. Because of this, they can be very yang in their energy. Here are 4 tips about mirrors:

1. Mirrors double everything they see. Try not to place them in front of anything that is less than optimal (trash cans, storage closet, bathroom, etc.). If you wouldn't want it doubled, don't have a mirror facing it!

2. Multiple mirrors on a wall aren't good for flowing Ch'i. It's distracting. Your attention and the energy of the room is literally bouncing off the walls, and you tend to lose focus easily.

3. Don't have them facing each other because it creates an energy vacuum. The energy has no where to go and it just keeps going back and forth. It's disruptive to the Ch'i flow.

4. Don't ever let your mirrors cut off your head! Make sure that every person in your home can see themselves from the shoulders up (including your full head!). On a psychological level, you tend to feel left out and displeased if you're not seeing at least your shoulders and head when you walk past a mirror.

#fengshui #positivevibes #goodvibes #positiveenergy #homestyle #interiordetails

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I've been making menudo (a Mexican soup) with my dad for yearrrrrs, but my mom has never contributed. That's one of the traditions I have with my dad. Tonight, she decided to give us a hand - curlers and all! It's never too late to make memories with your loved ones! I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas Eve with your loved ones! ❤️🎄🐾

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I've been learning more and more about crystals over the last couple of years and about their energetic qualities (yes, there is a science to it all!).

Since we're all energy and give off vibrations, because of the crystal's perfect structure, it's able to stabilize energy fields and vibrations - including our own!

Crystals have many different associations and because we're getting into the New Year, I wanted to share one in particular - CITRINE! It's known as the abundance stone. It's great to place in your Wealth & Prosperity corner or any area where you would like to welcome abundance into your life.

Remember, abundance can mean many things. It's not just about monetary wealth!

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10 Tips for Mercury Retrograde (this is a long one!)

We are just starting our last Mercury Retrograde of the year (and it ends on January 8th). Most people associate Mercury Retrograde as being negative and wreaking havoc on communication. However, it can be a very powerful and transformative time for us bringing truth, awareness, understanding, and illumination.

This time allows us to slow down, rethink things, notice things that perhaps we hadn't before, rethink how you do something, or interact with others. This is a time to reflect and heal things that may not be going well for you.

So, while technology and machines may break down or not work correctly, take the time to see if something is going on and if you need to come up with a new system for doing things.

Here are some Mercury Retrograde tips:

1. Avoid buying electronics, cars, or any large purchases and back up your computers.
2. Don't start new projects. Instead, go over projects you've already started.
3. Avoid long trips and traveling if possible (just be aware, there may be delays or mix ups, so be patient).
4. Avoid taking things personally - observe, be patient, and don't be defensive.
5. Avoid signing contracts at this time. Check the fine print. You may have to go back and revise something later.
6. Revisit unfinished business. Clean out closets. Declutter and reorganize.
7. Reconnect with people (don't be surprised if they contact you, too!). Perhaps you left things on a negative note or want to see how someone is doing. Now is a great time to catch up with them!
8. Communicate and really listen to people. Be aware of when you feel defensive or being attacked - are you protecting something you haven't wanted to deal with?
9. Journal and reconnect with your thoughts and feelings.
10. Release anything that comes up for you - forgiveness and letting go are powerful tools in cultivating your best self.

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When we aren't doing what we truly love, life can seem dreary. But we have to constantly remind ourselves that we attract what we give.

Make sure that your space is a place that you love waking up in and going home to. This can contribute significantly to how we face our day!

One thing I do every day is make sure I start by making up my bed! It gives some sense of order and accomplishment before even stepping outside to begin my day.

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Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday Feng Shui Consultation Deals

Do you want a home that:

A. Relaxes and rejuvenates you
B. Supports your dreams and goals
C. Reflects the life you want to live
D. All of the above

If you answered "Yes!" to any or all of the above, then I got something for you! Check out and for more info on services!

Special Deal #1

Are you wanting a full-fledge consultation of your home or apartment? Well, now you can enjoy 10% off of your consultation fee PLUS get a FREE Pinterest board collaboration (worth $75). And, as with ALL of my consultations booked before December 24, 10% will go to Frisky Paws! Enter the code FENGSHU10 in the last section on the Consultation page when filling out your New Client Intake Form at

Special Deal #2:

Maybe you just want to dip your toes into feng shui and just want a room or two looked at. If that's you, not to fear! You choose TWO rooms that you would like to start with for $175 (apartments) or $350 (single-family home). Plus, 10% goes to Frisky Paws! Enter the code TWOROOMS in the last section on the Consultation page when filling out your New Client Intake Form at
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