I walked around NightSide heading into the Death Tower. I expected to hear the eerie whispering as always, but it didn't come. Not right now. I was surprised and looked at Malistares painting. All ripped up, it seemed appropriate. I looked over at the door as someone walked in, I saw...

Name: Genevieve MoonBlood
Age: 17
Level: 56 Pyromancer
Gender: Female
Type of Wizard: Fire & Ice
Appearence: Flaming red hair with streaks of ice blue. emerald eyes with flecks of gold. pale but not pasty skin. Tends to wear a dracomancers' robe, spell binder hood, and pharohs' boots. All black and blue
Favorite Spell: Dragon

I cant believe you started a Wizard101 role play. +Alejandro Hoffman  +Kane Mccoy 
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