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Welcome to the SOCPROG User Group!

I have created this group so that we can discuss, ask questions and offer advice on all matters SOCPROG. I feel that there is a need for some online community support for this as the program offers so much but there aren't many resources we can turn to to learn how to use it.

A bit about myself - I am a PhD student from St Andrews University studying social cognition in non-human primates. As part of my research I needed to analyse the social structure of two particular groups of capuchin monkeys in order to see if they have preferred partnerships. It was at this point where I came to learn about SOCPROG and how it provided tools allowing me to do this and so much more.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see here or have questions then please don't hesitate to put them in a post.

Looking forward to seeing this community grow!

Hello everyone,
I do have a question about a matrix I obtained with coefficients of association using the HWI, for individuals associating 5 or more times.

As I have 35 individuals, the number of possible dyad combinations are 595. When do I classify my COA obtained from my matrix which is produced by socprog, should I discard the values equal to 1 or not?



I'm trying to run movement analysis between areas, and I have a few questions. 1) Have anyone know what 'n, g, & m' means?
2) Also, the software is not running the models when I press 'Estimate'; is freezing! I know that it is supposed to take time, but how long? (I have about 11000 identifications in the database).
3) Any suggestion that would help setting the parameters? because I felt a bit lost with that particular subject!
Any tip would be appreciated! Thanks,

I am using the compiled 2.7 version and for some reason, when I try to import data from an excel sheet, a lot of the data is not imported. The 'data summary' window seems to add up, everything looks correct and yet, in the command window, not all of it is shown. Should I trust the programme has imported all the data as the summary window proclaims, or is there something I can do to rectify this? Many thanks. 

Hi Iam trying to run SOCPROG on OSX11.6 and the downloads work. We are monitoring Microbats Austronomus australis and the excel file on import returns the following message. Any help would be appreciated

Cell contents reference from a non-cell array object.

Error in datain (line 248)

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

cheers Rob

my first problem: I can extract the MyAppInstaller_web.exe file to my computer, but then I cannot proceed (execute it)! I'm using Windos 7 (32bits). I could not find any information about the 32 bits; should this be the problem? Does it works only with 64bits?
any help will be highly appreciated,

Hey all,

I have a question regarding the Movement Between Areas module. If anyone has experience with this part of SOCPROG, it'd be great to get in touch. I get the following output after calculating the Lagged Identification Rates (LIR) for the 'Whole Study' area. I'm not sure what "n, g, & m" stand for and can't seem to find the answer in the manual. The values for N are too small to be population size or even the sample size in a subset of years (my dataset has over 9,000 individuals). Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Time delay: Lagged Identification Rate:
Min Max Mean n g m LIR SE(LIR)
1 1 1.0 44 12364368 5787 0.0005 0.0000
2 3 2.5 88 20753710 8760 0.0004 0.0000
4 7 5.5 166 31794925 11077 0.0003 0.0000
8 15 11.4 288 46956254 12447 0.0003 0.0000
16 31 22.6 392 72476122 12160 0.0002 0.0000
32 58 38.4 150 6437941 312 0.0000 0.0000

Thank you!

Hi all,

I am trying to install the compiled version of SocProg 2.7 on my Mac, using Parrallels Desktop 12 to run Windows 8, but it doesn't want to install it. I previously used Socprog 2.4 on another computer (also a Mac running Windows 7 with Parallels Desktop) and it was working perfectly. Any advice? Perhaps should I use SocProg 2.6? Where to download the version 2.6?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi All, I am trying to calculate the Modularity Type 2 using SOCPROG with my associations data but as I do get a result with Type 1, once I do try with Type 2, this result appears (here attached).

I do not understand whether I am missing a passage or whether I cannot simply calculate Type 2 based on the data I have.



Hi All :) A quick one - any advice/resources for choosing the correct sampling period?
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