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Now finally updated to 8.0.0 on my Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus!

A lady at work today told me her daughter in law had smashed the screen on her three day old iPhone. She also said she had especially bought the phone because it's water proof and she's going on holiday to Australia soon. When in Australia she plans to take photos underwater of the Great Barrier Reef. I had to say be careful I wouldn't advise swimming in salt water with any phone. She was surprised when I told her that really when they say waterproof they mean 1.5 metres in freshwater. I wonder how many people lose their phone's to saltwater damage every year thinking their phone's are waterproof, I'm not sure any manufacturers would replace a salt water damaged phone either.

Getting used to Android 9 on the Nokia 6.1

I know that some of the quirks of the Android Pie interface have been covered here before, but one of the things that can become irksome is when I attempt to swipe between home screens and I accidentally bring up the apps drawer. This happens many times a day, and I'm going to have to get used to being very careful not to swipe at a slight angle.

It's also too bad that the Google search box is locked to the bottom of the home screen, I find that I preferred it on top, away from other controls.

Other than that, things seem to be working pretty smoothly, and the Nokia 6.1 is a great phone for the price ($200). It isn't quite as smooth when scrolling as the Xperia X compact, but seems much quicker in other respects. I've particularly noticed that the Wi-Fi is much faster, being capable of much quicker download speeds. Chromecast works well and so far the few Bluetooth devices I've tested have not had problems. The speaker is nice and loud and doesn't seem to distort. The Bluetooth in the car, a 2017 Subaru Forester, works well without interruptions. Next will be camera tests and audio recording. I've not heard great things about the camera, so my expectations are tempered.

it seems that changes to files are registered much quicker with Android 9 in the sense that files that are downloaded or added through USB transfer are immediately available to apps on the phone. It used to be that sometimes I would have to actually reboot the phone for those files to show up in phone apps. Can anyone confirm this? be continued...

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When I switch on my BT headset, it always follows this process:
1. "Phone 1 connected" (immediately)
2. "Phone 1 disconnected" (after 3 seconds)
3. "No phone is connected" (after 3 more seconds)
4. "Phone 1 connected" (after 10 more seconds)

This has happened with a variety of headsets and Android devices going back to the Samsung kzoom on Kit Kat including the Pixel XL on pie. I'm now using a Huawei P20 pro on Oreo. The headset is a Plantronics Edge.

I monitored the BT settings page and the disconnect happens if the search for other nearby devices I in progress. Once it's done, I'm reconnected. I can also connect manually during this phase without a problem. The search only happens if I open the BT settings page or don't open it. If it's already open and the search is done, no disconnect happens.

This is my second of these headsets recently and third over 3 years and they all did it.

Previously I thought it was Android but now don't think it is anymore. I've had no luck googling it.

Anyone else have this, heard of it, know any fixes? Thx

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I've deleted Facebook again, this is probably my fourth attempt to finally get rid of it. Last time I lasted over a month. Wish me luck😂

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Wow guess they need to charge a bit mire to add some rigidity

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Nice comparison and a good example why imo OOS is the best software on Android right now

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Episode 473 - Salivating Sirocco
This now up and out there via or your podcatcher of choice. This week +Steve Litchfield and I chat about the Pixel 3 again, this time I compare the overall experience to Nokia's best. +Zachary Kew-Denniss also adds his thoughts about the Pixel 3XL. Enjoy 🤓

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Who needs a phone anyway in their clamshell pocket computer cum tablet on this Planet? Cosmo Crusher? Gemini Grounding? There's something in this idea. High specs, pocket PC, separate simple phone in pocket to tether.
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