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Dave Kover

Official Announcements  - 
CM14 does not have themes/theme engine at this time.

There is no ETA on when it will be integrated into the builds. Please stop asking. It will arrive when it's ready.

pasha puma

Discussion  - 
Theme Nui has update. v 2.1
Аt the moment this theme is best displays pixel interface.

What's New:
- Drawer icon in settings.
- Correction in google app (search).
- System elements of blue color.
- A new font.
- Improvements and fixes.
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did you theme whatsapp on dark and light nui ? 
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pasha puma

New Themes  - 
Theme Nui is update.

- Theme google dialer.
- Improved navbar.
- Fixed butanimation.
- Improved and added icons.
- Improvements and fixes.
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Pasen el apk Para probar la antes de comprarla 
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Daniel Schott

New Themes  - 
CMTE version of Compound is live guys. Enjoy!
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+Renee Haan thanks:)
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Bình Thanh

New Themes  - 
The best CM13 theme based on Galaxy Note 7 now is live on Playstore
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Pasen la APK
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Carlo Giovanni

Discussion  - 
Hello my friends ..... I have a question.
What is the weather provider in cm 13?
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I think it is used to grab weather data in cLock widget.
You will need to update Yahoo provider because Yahoo changes data format sometimes.
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Hi guys, I just published "TypeFace", a font replacement utility based on CMTE/Substratum theme frameworks. Fonts database is built from Google Fonts.

What does it do?
It allows users to build font themes on custom ROMs with Substratum/CMTE support. User experience when using Substratum should be more convenient since it allows multiple fonts in a single font pack theme, even better, TypeFace allows easy updating of the font pack. With CMTE, each font will be built into individual font-only themes.

User feedback
Please give your feedback in Pixkart Community ( Some fonts may be invisible on applying via Substratum/CMTE even if they are visible in the app. These fonts need to be reported using the 'Report font' option in the font detail page.
Use restore system fonts option in the third tab with settings icon when stuck with an invisible font!

FYI, It could show unexpected bugs so consider this release a beta for now!

A little background on the app
TypeFace is an unplanned product of my self-training on Android basics. When I started working on the app, I know it had to use all the popular tools available for Developers (RxJava, Retrofit, Firebase, Facebook/Google sign in, etc) just to be familiar with reactive programming and stuff. Plus, I wanted a concept which keeps me going until the project is complete. So it had to be something related to Theming and I went with Fonts customization.
With TypeFace all Google Web Fonts are just a click away for use with Cyanogen Theme Engine or Substratum! Generate font themes on the fly by downloading fonts available on Google Web Fonts ( the development and updates of TypeFace on Google+: Some of the fonts may be smaller in size as per their design and/or lack support for local languages. TypeFace has no abi...
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Porasjeet Singh

Designer Help  - 
How can I change the ADB notification icon and icon bg color? Thanks in advance. 
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+Bryan Owens owhhh. Ahahh alright sorry my bad. Thought it was something else 😂 
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Daniel Schott

Design Feedback  - 
Some progress screenies for my new theme...
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Great theme... Liked it...
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did you see in play store cm14 themes ? is that a prank ? -.- there is no theme engine, did they change their theme title sooner just to get more people to find their theme in play store ?
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Obviously it's not since nothing is released
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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Cyanogen Themes Community! This is a place for theme developers to interact with each other - including members of Cyanogen’s own Themes team! Don’t be afraid to reach out to any of the Cyanogen team members, whether it be for help or discussion. COMMUNITY RULES: • Post newly released themes in the "New Themes" category. • Please avoid posting every update to your theme. There are other communities focused around promotion and sharing. We're here to serve as a resource for theme developers, not as a marketing portal. • Refer to the Google+ policies for rules regarding posting: - • Any post violating these rules will be removed without warning. We look forward to your new themes and any suggestions/feedback that you might have for us to improve our product!

July Luo

New Themes  - 
[CMTM]Tinted for all your applications FOR CM12/13
Hi guys! I want to tint my statusbar without xposed or root.
So I write this CM theme to make that statusbar tinted realized on CM . It work fine for 100+ applications on your devices.This theme can be downloaded on Chinese Coolapk which is popular in China like Play store.
The link
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But if you have cm on your phone, doesn't it means that your phone would be already rooted? 
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Mahdi Khan

Discussion  - 
Will this be named lineage themes after the new year 
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LATE ? will cause panic in google search, it will post coffee late hahahaha

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Jahir Fiquitiva

Discussion  - 

I really don't know where to report these small bugs, but I know +Dave Kover and +Clark Scheff are mods in this community, so wanted to try to let them know about them.

I am using Official CM 14.1 in my Moto G Titan, just in case.

1. When changing display size to smaller (or even smaller), the battery icon gets unaligned with the other icons.
2. The battery percentage inside the icon is not properly centered in quick settings tile, but it is in the status bar icon. It also looks a bit blurry in the tile.
3. The settings bar where there's a switch below the toolbar, still has the old blue grey color.
I think color is in settings package under name: 'switchbar_background_color'

Attached screenshots.

I hope you can have a look at these small things and eventually fix them. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work :)
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Wait for lineage update
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A few tips:

How to search for colors:

Take the entire colors.xml and xml's from Drawable and color folders and load them all in note++

Use the search function to search for # within all open files. It will list all raw color codes..You can do styles too but I usually do those separate but I do them like this too.

Hard code:
This is a little more advanced so I'll just say do same thing with layouts to see what obstacles you might have to overcome. Some tints and padding are hard coded so if you look here you'll save hours are trial and error. Smali hard code you'll need special searches to find hard code..look at the tbo tutorial link below for how those are found.

Editing the apk and rebuilding it too see what the hard code does will help a ton but that's even more involved. Google search and xda are great resources I use daily. Feel free to comment and ask questions on how to find things...I get a huge help from the SDK monitor.bat....hint hint hint I'll reply with help.

We have s great tutorial on our site to help learn how apps work and how to use tools to build them back with edits.

Happy theming.

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+Bryan Owens oops.
Just sharing what the master has taught.
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Lucas Ortlieb

Designer Help  - 
Hi, the google app now have this two tabs in the bottom, but it doesn't follow the sizes said in guidelines. Does anyone knows where can I find this value to edit it in my theme?

I did it with instagram app, making that bottom navigation to have the size said in the guidelines, and I want to do the same here.
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Man! The theme is awesome
#Deep_Darkness icon pack from play store
+Federico Porcu
Keep it up bro 👍✌
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Henrique Gomes

New Themes  - 
Theme with status bar equal to cm14, exist?
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CM Theme Engine

Rate and share the theme if you like it!
Thanks for the support :)
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Vinay Chandran

New Themes  - 

Pikzél for CMTE
Why have 1 when you can have 12! Fully flat themes for CMTE.
Releasing Tomorrow for $0.99 as a promo offer!
Randomly selected people who react to this post gets a free promo code!

Initial release. Will be consistently updated.
User requests for new color schemes will be taken
User polls for adding new features
Join the community here :

Contains the overlays from Smoke CM theme as per request! People who bought Smoke CM12.1 theme can get a free promo code if they prove their purchase!

Already available for Substratum at

Join IntelliDesigns community to win a Promo code!!
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