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Rules and First War Information

The Holy Grail War allows the summoning of heroic spirits under servant classes. Heroic Spirits can be characters worthy of legends or have committed infamous deeds. These spirits are summoned into classes. Under the Fuyuki system summoning divine spirits (gods: EX rank Divinity) is not possible. 
The Fuyuki class containers are:
The Three Knight Classes: Saber, Archer and Lancer (in all wars)
The Anomalies: Ruler and Avenger (rare, with special powers over the system)
Other classes exist, but (with the exception of alchemy) will not be used in the first war.

The Knight Classes:

Saber: Considered the strongest of the classes, specializing in the use of a sword, they have exceptional strength, endurance, and agility as well as often possessing the highest magic resistance of the classes. They tend to have lackluster luck, but powerful burst Noble Phantasms. As class skills, they possess Riding and Magic Resistance. Sabers are not really limited by their abilities.

Archer: The class specializing in the use of projectiles, they don’t have base stat constrictions, but rather are constrained by the need for a projectile based personal skill or Noble Phantasm. They tend to have low mana, although this is offset by their Independent Action skill, and low luck, but they often possess very powerful Noble Phantasms. Their class skills are Magic Resistance and Independent Action. Archers often make great scouts and have high survivability. 

Lancer: Statistically the second strongest class, specializing in the use of pole arms, they demand excellent strength and agility but are plagued with infamously abysmal luck. Their mana reserves tend to be lower than average, but they often don’t require mana intensive abilities. They are adept at long range melee combat. Their class skills are Magic Resistance and Battle Continuation. Their high agility and Battle Continuation makes them excellent hit and run fighters as well as scouts. They tend to be very powerful early war. 

Standard Classes:

Berserker: The class for warriors who have gone insane at least once in their lifetime, they demand a powerful master to properly control. Their summoned stats tend to be low, but they are increased by the class skill Mad Enhancement. This is often used to compensate for an insufficient master, but it can be used on a powerful spirit to strengthen them to tremendous levels. The use of Mad Enhancement may seal the use of some personal skills or Noble Phantasms. Their class skill is Mad Enhancement. They tend to put a large amount of strain on the master, but can often fight even the strongest of other servants. 

Rider: The class for combatants of mobility and mounts, they require a Riding skill of A. Their summoned stats, save for their agility tend to be unimpressive, however, only their luck stands out as a real detriment due to their use of powerful mounts to offset their lacking combat prowess. Then tend to have very powerful Noble Phantasms, which are often their mounts. Their class skills are Riding and Magic Resistance. Among the most mobile classes and with their high versatility and power, Riders’ roles are up for interpretation. 

Caster: The class specializing in magecraft, they have to have a mastery of some sort of magic. Due to the proliferation of Magic Resistance, they are considered the weakest class. Their strength and endurance tend to be comparably poor, however their mana is often excellent and their luck is also favorable, as they are often underestimated. They can alter the land to favor their magic as well as create tools, charms, and even weapons with their class skills. Their class skills are Territory Creation and Item Creation. Often the best course of action for a caster is to amass power with their creation skills and/or ally with other pairs. 

Assassin: The class specializing in stealth and trickery, they tend to be weak fighters with only their agility being above average and all else falling below. They have to be specialized killers, and they excel in moving undetected. Assassins’ Noble Phantasms are not limited to an item, spell, or unique power that the servant has, but rather can be expressions of impossible skill at ending lives. Their class skill is Presence Concealment. They tend to make the greatest of scouts, often being undetectable to most unless attacking, they tend to target masters as opposed to other servants. 


Ruler: The class summoned by the Greater Grail, they appear as they did in their prime with no modifiers altering them. They have the ability to use command seals, much like masters and they act to oversee the war. King Gilgamesh is the current Ruler class. (The class description will change for later wars.)

Avenger: The class to ‘cheat’ at the Holy Grail War. An Antihero summoned to disrupt the course of the Grail War itself, an avenger’s stats aren’t limited, but in trying to summon one there are major drawbacks. The class feeds upon the Grail’s power becoming more powerful the closer the ritual gets to completion. The class starts off weak, but its effects can be disastrous, potentially lasting the duration of multiple wars. 
(Please don’t be an Avenger…)

The servant stats are ranked alphabetically, E-A with EX as an outlier that generally distinguishes that whatever is being ranked is very powerful. We will likely limit EX ranks to one per person however there may be some exceptions. Letter ranking can be enhanced with a number of +’s (ex. B+++) which allow for a short time power boost that’s equivalent to the number of pluses. Alternatively an E- rank can be enumerated for the absolute minimum rank (ex. A servant with E- strength would be unimpressive compared to an ordinary human). Servant stats, skills, and Noble Phantasms are ranked in this regard. 

Servant stats are as follows, Strength, Endurance, Agility, Mana, Luck, and a general Noble Phantasm rank. Servant skills are limited to a MAXIMUM of 4 personal skills (though Noble Phantasms or eschewing your EX rank can grant you 5 or more effects) and at least one class skill that correlates to the servant’s class and abilities. They can also have a MAXIMUM of 4 Noble Phantasms. Accepting profiles is open to moderator discussion, these are general guidelines to follow. 

During roleplay controversial actions will be decided by the overseer for the first war. 

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Hi! I've started watching the fate series and now, its starting to get confusing. What's this about an Altered Saber, a red Saber, and a Saber lily? Is there more than the fate stay night unlimited blade works, and fate zero. I finished the fate stay night unlimited blade works and I am on fate zero now, and I also know they are going to make a heavens feel movie. But what is fate prototype or fate extra ccc, etc....., if these are anime can anybody just tell me what order I should watch the fate series in? Please! Help?

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Wallpaper of the servant Berzerker.

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