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Name: Tiara

Gender: Female


Species: cow

Powers: none

Parent's: unknown

Home: a dairy farm

Weapons: my horns

Likes: being milked, cuddling, going on walks, singing, drawing

Dislikes: being milked too hard

Personality: kind, loving, caring, fun, playful

Eye color: brown

Hair color: black and white

Bio: has been born and raised on a dairy farm, but it has been failing. The cows are being sold for $600 dollars each. She is the best milker, producing 2 gallons of milk a day.


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Name: Selvia Heaven Flamheart

Tittle: The red butterfly. And I get this title from my red hair and great flying.

Gender: Female


Species: I am actually a angle, hehehe. ^^ ( aka not a god, a angle, a human with pretty wings, and is pure, once again NOT A GOD!)

Class: I am a low noble.

Powers: I can blow everything up in my path of i'm angry, and hide my wings, fly, let flames fly, change my looks, illusions,and mind control things and people.

Parent's: uhh.... my parents are just in unimportant people, hehehe hehehe. ^^

Home: I live anywhere in the sky but if I can't because people are watching I just stay where ever I am.

Weapons: I usually use a bow and arrow and swords. My bow and arrow is named Shooting star, because it shoots to though the sky like a shooting star. And my sword is named Soul stealer, because I steal the Soul stealer because I steal the souls of the dead.

Likes: I like cleaning, cooking, sewing, making other people happy, the sound of rain, the smell of rain, snow, Christmas, ribbons, bells, magic, sleeping, and not being alone.

Dislikes: I dont like braking things, burning stuff, needles, making people upset, bright things, school, homework, ( pretty much anything involving school.) Waking up early, and being left behind.

Personality: I am shy when I first meet people, but once I get to know you I am actually sweet, strong, stubborn, lazy and clumsy. I hate being shy because then it super hard to meet new people. And even though I'm sweet it's still hard to meet people. But I'm also strong and stubborn so I don't have to worry about people picking a fight. But I'm ready lazy and clumsy so you can see where that ends up to, but it doesn't interfere with my fighting. So don't think you will have any advantage.

Eye color: My eyes change on my mood.

Hair color: Well my natural hair color is red but I can change it in my own will.

Bio: I am the eldest of 7 children. And since I am the oldest I am going to be the head of the house soon. And because of that my life has been super stressful. Always having to be the best. Best at flying, best at singing, BEST AT EVERYTHING!..... oh sorry.. got a little carried away.:-D
But it's what expected of me so I can't argue. But it gave some stress. But nothing I can't handle! Hahahahahahahahaha! ^_^ But I never got upset with it. I was happy that I was so important. It always gave me a nice feeling. But if I didn't go to my expectations it wasn't as fun....... but any way! It's still fun. And once I'm the best at something I get to learn something new! It's a lot of fun. But as I said I was always shy, and I didn't know how to make my own choices because everyone always told me what to do. So when ever I did, I always messed up. It was horrible when that happens. And when school started, it was nothing but a living hell. And I had to leave all the angle schools because I got picked on so much. So I had to go into human schools. It just made it worst.:-( _
It was hard to keep hiding my wings. And to not talk about home. But any why! I hope we can all be friends! ^^

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Name: Lanslet Ajiker

Age: 21


Weapons: his clawed gauntlet on his right hand, and a staff with a long blade on it.


He is a master of the Arcane, meaning he can control all magic, even some of his enemies magic, unless it is to powerful to counter.

Bio: A very skilled Mage from a far away land, he left his home in search of a cure for all those tainted by the Undead of his land. he is also followed by his familiar, which is a dragon.

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Name: Alluria Eclipse
Age: 20
Race: Nephilim
Class: Solider
Magic: Singing, shadow and blood manipulation, fire
Bio: Half angel child of a demonic lord who was forced from her home as a slave. She eventually became the body guard of a local noble girl.
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Name: Adoril Tarmikos.
Nickname: Father of Dragons.
Gender: Male.
Age: 15 going on 16.
Species: Human.
Class: Slave/servant. Costs thirty gold pieces to buy as he has all his possessions with him and because of his powers.
Powers: Can talk to and understand his three dragons. Can summon and talk to spirits. Magic.
Parents: King Gradak Gellantara and Queen Loraonna.
Homeland: Wildelea, in the Northern Wilds of the Isle of Falonde.
Weapons: Dragon tooth, hunting knife, sword, bow and arrows. Magic.
Personality: Passionate, kind, somewhat cold, wary, easily angered, caring.
Eye colour: Chestnut brown.
Hair colour: Black.
Plot: (Sorry if this is long, but this is a character I'm using from one of my stories)
His mother Loraoanna gave birth to two sons, the first being the Tyrant King's (Gradak) true heir, Oswund, the second being Adoril who is the son of an unknown man, in other words, a bastard child. Loraonna knows that this means Adoril will be killed at birth in order to stop him from threatening the throne, so she runs away with Oswund while at the beginning of her pregnancy, the king being unaware of it at the time. She settles down and lives as one of the tribes people of Wildelea and fabricates a story to tell to Adoril if he questions where his father is, shielding him from the truth. The town however is attacked by direwolves when Adoril is fifteen, leaving him the only person there alive, the rest having fled or fought to the death. He leaves the now dead town, but takes with him the three un hatched dragon eggs from the Shrine. The Shrine houses the bones, and eggs, of the last dragon to have lived in the Northern Wilds, and she was worshipped as the Great Mother. He takes the eggs, in order to protect them, with him to Corton where he becomes Prince Jamgretor Loyalar's manservant. The eggs hatch when he places them in the fire to warm them, though in village tradition they would have lay the still hot innards of an animal over them.
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