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Registration is open for two special networking events designed to help you build your global professional learning network.

Global Leadership Week is April 24-28. Our partners are hosting a variety of virtual events:

On April 24th, we're co-hosting a global education leadership face-to-face networking event in New York City. Details and registration information is available here:

And, at the 2017 ISTE conference in San Antonio, Texas, we are organizing Global Education Day, an interactive meet up for interested global educators:

Both events are free and require registration. More events and resources are posted in our main network located at

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Share Your EdTech Expertise with Edtechreview

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Does your district have a "Texting Permission Form" that parents sign to allow teacher-student texts?  If so, can you share?

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Creating the schools we need: Learning from Chris Lehmann

When Chris Lehmann didn’t see the qualities he wanted in schools, he created his own. His experience teaches us lots about innovation and courage.

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It’s becoming difficult to read the news in Los Angeles these days without running across yet another article about the problems faced by the sputtering LAUSD iPad initiative...

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Looking for some feedback on my master's project...I think it's ready for a peer review and I'm hoping for some thoughts and ideas between now and August 20th. 

I appreciate the feedback and you taking the time to check it out!

#digitalliteracy #edtech

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The social media trend is affecting education at large and new technologies are being introduced frequently. Social media has contributed to the transformation of our daily lives, and is poised to have a similar impact on education at all levels.

In the future, social learning networks will be norm not novelty. Are you prepared?
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