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Hi fellow writers,

I firmly believe women make the very best authors. Writing is simply intrinsic to your nature, and so, it clearly goes without saying I am competing with you all from a position of disadvantage. :)

I would like to take this opportunity nevertheless to properly introduce myself to each and every one of you esteemed ladies and gentlemen.

I am a business engineer who upon graduation, made up his mind to write a highly entertaining yet informative novel that everyone would love, irrespective of profession, background or gender. 'Intrinsic Encounters' is its title. I was determined that it would be a cut above the usual. From style to flow, ease of reading to constant life and vibrancy, I paid particular attention to every detail, edited and reedited more times than I've ever sleep-dreamt in my entire life, and practically lived for nothing but the perfectly written book ever published.

You don't believe me? Well, check it out, read through, and if you get to chapter eight and are still not convinced, then you happen to be the staunchest critic I ever met.

Anyone willing to comment on this?
I would love to hear from you.

K. M. Oddeck

P.S. You can find Intrinsic Encounters at Amazon, Kobo, Scribd, Gardners, Barnes&Noble, ......

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Does anyone want to talk about books? We'd love to join the discussion!
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Best-seller in women's fiction. The Moment Keeper

Latest  Review: 

"This book is fantastic! I literally could not put down my Kindle! It's so moving and moves so fast you just can't stop reading! I loved all the characters except the bully at school. They were all so real you feel like you know them. This is a book you can't pass up! And you will not be disappointed with the ending just very surprised."

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I loved this one too! I can't say that I found the ending to be a huge twist, but I love a nicely wrapped up story, so I thought the ending was just perfect :)

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I loved Sophie too! From the opening scene, she come across as intelligent, brave, and resourceful. Liv seemed a bit flat by comparison. As a few of the other reviewers have pointed out, the secondary characters really added a lot to this book. I thought Marianne was awesome too and her little hint to Liv made me very happy :)

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I had so much trouble stopping reading this! I work from home and I had an amazingly hard time ignoring it while I did work. I just wanted to know what was going to happen to everyone next!
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