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Talia sits alone after just being told she is one of satans children (younger sister to amona and daemona) she wishes someone coukd help her and tell her what to do next (she was raised as a human until now)

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This is Daemona, Younger twin to Amona, Firstborn of Satan. I am a ruthless assassin, i murder for my fathers benefit, often bringing home my big sister precious jewels and jewellery. I use a rapier and a short bow.

Amona practices her fighting in Hell. As she does she thinks about what it would be like to live in Heaven. Then she remembers the poison snake and remembers how rejected she felt when Eveer turned the snake back..

Eveer sits in heaven she can see hell from here and thinks of her friends

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the one with wings is matthew
the other one is talia
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what do you think of the name?

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Name Eveer
Age ???

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Name: Amona
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Bio: Born and Raised a Demon
Hobbies: Using the Torture chamber for the "Better Good", Riding The Horses of Death/ Demon Horses, Having Parties, Teaching/ learning new Magic, Learning new Fighting Skills
Weapons: Can use most weapons but specialises in Throwing Knives, Battle Axes and Whips
Apperance: She has blond hair and Blue eyes. Her wings are like the ones in the pic. She has the same markings as the first picture
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Name talia
Lost younger sister of amona raised as a human and just found out her heratage
Weapons sword/katana throwing knives and spear
Sweet and kind but when in battle violent and brutal
Will give pic when I can
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