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Kirito e Asuna <3

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Was on a bench, taking a look at one of my data photographs and smiled as I scrolled through until I found one photo that shows me, my ex-girlfriend, and my best friend. My smile only lasted for a moment until I frowned and sighed
Boy, haven't I got a rough day...

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The home of my phone

Do I need a picture  to start my char?

fighting a low level monster why am i fighting this thing?

fighting high level monster none stop

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I was taken prisoner by the very high level monsters and was tortured, asking me of who was my name. I didn't answer, and they electrocuted me more. The more they tortured me, the more I looked devilish, but the more my HP went down
Animated Photo

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name Nikolai  
 age 32 
 gender male 
 weapon a dual ended sword and a tower shield 
skill swords play blacksmithing 
personality agressive in a fight friendly when not in one
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name: adam taurus
age: 19
gender: male
rank: level 93
weapon: wilt and blush(katana with shotgun sheath)
skill: iado, master speed and agility, moonslice

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bites lip as I start to cry and sniff, with tears coming down my cheek, and I wipe them away I wish Kat was here to see this...
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