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Hey All

I skipped the March / April Tech Session as it was H2020 proposal time. I'm looking to schedule the May / June event.

Looking for suggestions for dates and topics?

The Terena conference ( is on in Dublin next week. This might be a good one to share.


As we had a tie at 3 each, I removd my vote.
Therefore Velocity Conf wins.

If you are pre-watching videos, please post on the event page which ones they are.

2 hours voting left. VelocityConf on 2, USENIX ATC on 3

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Some event suggestions posted, please suggest some you are interested in. Voting will 'close' COB Oct 1st.

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Hi Folks

I've added the list of possible conferences for the next ArcLabs Tech Session here:

Please +1 the particular session(s) to vote.
The comment with most votes by 17:00 Tuesday 18th of June will be deemed the winner.

Time and Data of next event to be confirmed.

Any feedback appreciated.



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Summing up!
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