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Human,Vampire,or bounty hunter:

Time: 0400
Tony was sleeping, but he wasn't in his home. He was in a large room with anything rich and pretty. He wasn't aware of this, until a few minutes later. Tony was woken by a sharp pain on his neck. He fell back asleep a little while later.
Time: 1900 7 pm
Tony woke up again. But because of the same vampire that bit him. This time, he actually paid attention to his surroundings. This is not my room. Tony thought to himself. The woman sat on the bed in a really nice dress, and white leggings.
"You awake?" Asked the vampire the woman
"Who are you?" Asked Tony
"That's none of your concern, baby."
Tony got up and checked the mirror. Nothing there.. "What did you do?" Asked Tony, sounding very suspicious
"You're one of us now." said the woman, smirking
Tony choked her to where she passed out, then he ran.

Tony decided to walk around town about a couple hours ago. But now he's on the ground, two bites on his wrist, one on his neck, one on his ankle, and three on his elbow. Then u crossed by him while looking for something. Then u... fyi, no one gave him blood, so he has a high chance of dying

Anyone wanna RP? 

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Im using one of my other character's and I couldn't find anything that it wasn't alright for half vampire 
Quote's: let's have some fun,IM GOING TO RIP OUT YOUR SKULL AND BEAT YOU WITH IT,I love the taste of blood,welcome to hell

Name: Damon his nickname is Demon

Age: just turned 700 but he looks 17 or 18

Gender: male

Personality: he can be nice and caring but he's a little crazy and sort tempered

Species: half-demon and the other half is vampire

Likes: blood,killing,girls with red and purple hair,emo girls,listening to rock music,guns,sharp things,playing guitar,skateboarding,playing video games like borderlands,sleeping

Dislikes: annoying people,people who mess with his friends,some of the people in his family like his dad

Theme song: Toxicity,chop suey,Dance with the devil,Kick Me

Weapons: twin katana's one is made of fire the other is made of lightning,throwing knifes,duel pistols,sniper rifle,a huge gun that looks like the brute shot from halo but it's covered in chains

Sexuality: straight

Bio: Most of the time he's fighting Angel's who attack him for him being a demon-vampire hybrid and hanging out with his friends who are vampire's,demon's,and a human

Abilities: a Deadpool like healing factor but way faster but the only people who can kill him are gods and he can stop him self from healing,he's able to control fire and lightning,super strength and speed but he is able to control it,shap shifting he can copy anyone's body just by looking at it(not in a perverted way),invisibility,and he can copy anyone's voice just from hearing it,he can teleport anywhere and anything

Appearance: he's about 6'2 and pritty buff with two lip piercing,one piercing on his left eyebrow,and one ear piercing he has the same tattoos like sharkface(from rvb) also a sigma and omega tattoos on his left shoulder and a tattoo that say "your gonna burn" in Chinese on his right forearm and I guess you can call it emo hair style the kinda goes over your eye but for him it goes over his right eye with a red strip and his right eye is all black with a red pupil

True form: he body is consumed in fire and lightning he loses all control and he becomes the embodiment of the cardinal sin wrath the more demonic energy around him he becomes stronger just without anyone having demonic energy he can incinerate an entire city if he wanted but it's very rare for him to control himself like that even for a minute but this is the real Damon

Father: dead
Mother: dead
Sister: none
Brother: Jack,Felix,Danny

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+Max Red20k

Gwendoline sits in the park, listening to music when you...

Tony was walking around the city. Trying to find his house before he bleeds out. But now he's lying on the ground, face on the pavement. The bite killed him.... unless........
(Open rp)

Anyone wanna rp

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