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These are things regarding profiles rules are in the description.


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Mods 10

Owners 15

 You can use titanfall but follow these rules about it

Play on the right side (militia as rebellion and imc as Military Guard)

 Only stryder class titans will be accepted. No atlas or ogre class titans allowed. None of the light infantry weapons so far would harm them.

Put posts in the correct section and do not put posts in them if they say (Staff Only) that will be classified as impersonation if you do.

You do not have to be part of the rebels or the military guard you could be a freelancer a mercenary a civilian even you choose who your character is.

Do not use profiles that are not approved owners and moderators do not need to approve something but  moderators must check with me and +syd vigue before creating a weapon or armour.

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New community come join I gave up on Fidea

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Name: M12 Force Application Vehicle
Nick: Warthog
Owner: Rebellion
Weapons: M41 mounted chain gun, whatever the passenger has equipped
Speed: 150-225
Armour: 125

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Vehicle Profiles  

Name  Black Moth

Nick  Black Moth

Owner  Military Guard

Weapons  Rail gun turret   

Speed  100-200

Armour  140-180


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Name: David Clarke

Callsign: Doc

ID number: X1837O6

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Skin tone: caucasian

Afflictions: N/A

Relationships: N/A for now

Weapons: BAL-27 Inferno with fore grip, Smart pistol Mk.5

Armor: Atlas Mk.2 Field Medic Exo

Gear: 2 sticky grenades, knife, 3 shock grenades, 2 land mines (anti personel)

Vehicles: N/A

Faction: Rebellion
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Name  Arthur Whithelm

Calsign  Deadeye

Id Number  X45TG1

Age  39

Gender  Male

Eye Colour  Blue

Hair Colour  Black

Skin Tone Caucasian  

Afflictions Peanuts

 Relationships  N/A

Weapons  Telvon MK II Assault Rifle, Telvon MK 1 Pistol

Armour  Hexan Exo Suit

Gear  Gas Mask, Canteen, Threat grenade, Cluster grenade 

Vehicles  N/A

Faction Military Guard

Rank Captain 

Personality   Brutal, Brave, Soft Hearted

Biography Arthur was born in Wellington New Zealand when the rebels took control he was luckily already in the military and was able to get on one of the military ships heading to the Space Station he now does security patrols on the Space Station and on earth. 
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Name: BAL-27 Inferno

Damage: 45-65 per shot with a 1.1x headshot multiplier

Rof: 750 rps (first 4 shots) 1000rps after 4 shots

Clip: 32 rounds, 192 spare (6 clips)

Owners: Rebellion

Manufactuer: Atlas

Description: Created for close quarters combat, the BAL-27 Inferno has one of the highest fire rates for an assault rifle on the market. Its high rate of fire offsets its lower damage output per bullet by simply filling the air with gunfire. One of the guns main downsides is its high recoil, making it unsuitable for longer ranged engagements. However, in the hands of a skilled soldier, the BAL-27 Inferno is a dangerous tool

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Name: Smart Pistol Mk.5

Damage 110 per shot

Rof: 5 round burst

Clip size: 15 rounds

Abilities: tracks the targets head, usually resulting in an insta kill for lesser armored targets

Manufacturer: Hyperion munitions

Owner: None (Hyperion sells to all who can afford it)

Description: the Smart Pistol Mk.5 is possibly one of the most lethal military side arms produced to date. Its main design feature is that the cpu inside the gun tracks the guns bullet tragectory towards a targets head, wether it be just one soldier, or 5 seperate targets.

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Name: Atlas Mk.2 Field Medic Exo

Defense: 80-95 damage negated

Owner: Rebellion

Pros: Faster than other heavier exos, relatively cheap to make, easy to put on and take off, auto heals user, carries medical supplies

Cons: Less armor than more durable exos, exo jet bursts are limited, mass production increases chance of equipment failure, auto heal takes time, auto heal resets with damage

Description: The Atlas Mk.2 Field Medic Exo was designed with the quick treatment of patients in mind. In this exo, medics can quickly reached wounded soldiers in the battlefield, greatly increasing their chance of survival. 

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Name Hexan Exo Suit

Defense 100-150

Owner Military Guard

Manufacturer Hexan Armors  
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