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Not Lobster related, but another crazy programming language project by me:

The compiler is now able to compile Lobster to code to C++ instead of using the bytecode VM! The speedup right now is modest, but there's a lot of room for that to improve. Some details here, under "Compiling Lobster code to C++"

Lobster is gaining VR functionality! The first minimal test of rendering to a VR device is in samples/vrtest.lobster. This is for devices compatible with the OpenVR SDK (e.g. HTC Vive).

Some syntax changes today, logical and/or changed from & | to 'and' 'or' && ||, and bitwise operators & | ^ ~ << >> added. Also, var/const as long form of := added.

Ensured Lobster builds for Android, and since it's somewhat complicated, wrote up instructions on how to do so here:
Also, released one of my older games I made in Lobster on the Play store as a consequence:

Lobster has reached another milestone: the VM can now run entirely without type-tags for values. That means each value is represented as an untagged naked 32bit value, and it uses half the memory as before. So the last remains of it once being a dynamically typed language are gone :) Should also be faster, especially with future native code generation.

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Anyone look at porting to nVidia's Jetson platform?

I'm doing a pretty big overhaul of the language, with the biggest change being a static type system (don't worry, it is optional so far, and will be a lot more expressive than other type systems). Also thinking of some syntactic changes.

This may break some existing code. If you're doing something with Lobster, and breaking code would be a problem for you, please let me know in what way you're using it (here, or in a private email), and I'll see what I can do to ease the transition.

Also, if you have any opinions on what you like best/least about Lobster, now is a good time to voice them, as this may be the last time it will go through such a big overhaul.

Just found out about Lobster today on Reddit, read the articles on the Lobster site and it looks really appealing. I am however having one problem.

I'm on windows (8.1) and I have put lobster.exe in my path. I can execute the compiler now, but when I have a .lobster file in a random folder I cannot compile it. It says "can't open file: std.lobster". The code I'm trying to execute is the second segment from the shooter tutorial: . When I copy the include and materials folder from lobster to my project folder it does run, obviously. Does the standard library have to be in the same folder as my .lobster file? Or did I miss a setup step?

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