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"You are an interesting individual, as I thought you might be..."

|| Name ||
Copy X

|| Age ||
Unknown (At least 11 years old)

|| Gender ||
Programmed as Male

|| Species ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||
135 lbs. (Base Frame)

|| Personality ||
During his rule of Neo Arcadia, Copy X laid claim of being a perfect copy of X. However, this is not at all true personality wise. Instead identifying himself as a mere copy of X, he distinguished himself as being the perfect copy, and at that point felt he was incapable of making mistakes. His warped sense of justice, as well as his desire for absolute perfection caused him to be a tyrannical ruler towards Neo Arcadia. He never hesitated to stand up for his views, and in contrast to the original X, he became very violent when enraged.
Copy X does appear to have some form of 'good' in him. His intentions towards humans were honest. His intentions were for the betterment of humanity as a whole, and he had decided that it was necessary for the Reploids to suffer.

Because of events occurring in the Heartlands and other Glory-canon universes, Copy X's personality changed. His first two deaths, both at the hands of Zero and Weil's manipulation of him, caused him to doubt whether or not his methods were truly right. And events that followed afterward, particularly his isolation from the majority of the Heartlands and civilization, as well as just watching the inhabits of the Heartlands, projected another view into the Reploid's mind, eventually breaking his view of the world's perfection.

Copy X now holds himself in a more calm manner than he did originally. He still views himself in somewhat of a high regard, normally looking down on most. His violent tendencies have calmed down somewhat, though not entirely, as his temperamentality only improved slightly, though he's not too murderous these days. He's still somewhat arrogant, however, and is quick to act once he comes to a decision, and is rather blunt about his opinions, often stating them out loud in a matter-of-fact tone. He will not hesitate to either speak his mind or defend his position. Despite past interactions leaning towards ill-will to the likes of Zero, Copy-X doesn't really care much for even trying to kill Zero, noting that it would be a death wish on his part on the account of the latter's allies, and not having a real reason to do so anymore, though he seems to harbor severe resentment towards Weil upon learning that his second death was the result of Weil's treachery.
He seems to have a very, very, very low view of Chris's PCNs. The exact reasoning for this is unknown, but can be surmised as to be the result of Copy's interactions with some of the PCNs.

|| Appearance ||
As his name would suggest, Copy X would seem to be very similar to his original counterpart, however there are several differences between the two. The most notable difference are his distinct red eyes, which have been noted to glow an eerie dark red whenever Copy X shows a notable amount of anger. In battle, he dons the Ultimate Armor, which changes his color scheme from primarily blue to white and gold. His Ultimate Armor is adorned with an angelic motif, with two wing-like extensions protruding from the upper back.
When he transforms into his Seraph Form, his form becomes much larger, and his arms detach from his body, becoming larger and clawed, with six large wings appear on his back. While seemingly divine, it's appearance is sharply contrasted by the demonic glare in his eyes.
It should be of note that if Copy X is truly a perfect clone of X, then it is likely that he has brown hair under his helmet.

|| Equipment ||
Standard Armor:  Copy X's armor, which comprises his Base and Ultimate Armors, as well as his Seraph Form, is comprised of an alloy originally created by Dr. Light and recreated for the construction of Copy X called Titanium-X. Compared to Titanium-Z, Titanium-X is indeed stronger, however it's somewhat heaver than the former, though it's usually not too noticeable.

Ultimate Armor: An armor based off of the original X's Ultimate Armor. Copy's Ultimate Armor provides not only a durability boost, but a boost in overall power. When this armor is in use, Copy X gains unlimited flight, as well as the use of the armor's Giga Attack, the Nova Strike, in which the user is enveloped in a golden aura and rushes, during which they're invincible and can then deal damage to whatever they might strike. The armor also allows Copy infinite of uncharged Special Weapons and reduces the amount of energy charged attacks consumes from Special Attacks by 50%. The armor also powers up Copy X's X-Busters, allowing him to stack up charge shots and makes them even more powerful.

Seraph Form: Copy X's strongest form. True to its name, it's a seraph-like transformation, which boosts Copy's pure power. Copy retains the use of his Special Weapons, but also gains the ability to fire Tentei Lasers, can create Bind Rings to trap constrict his enemy's movements and can light objects of fire via the Mekido Flame. 

X-Buster: Similar to the original X, Copy X possesses two buster cannons implanted into both of his arms. He can transform one or both of his arms into powerful cannons that shoot bullets of compressed solar energy. An energy amplifier is built into it that allows it to be charged up to release a more powerful shot. The X-Buster's 'Charged Shot' can be affected by whatever Arm Parts are installed. However, since Copy X usually only uses his Ultimate Armor, and lacks any other armor, the only charge shot variant he can use is the Stack Plasma Shot. Copy's X-Busters are capable of a very short range melee attack, in which his hands glow a light blue color, which increases his striking strength. The X-Buster is also shown to be able to use Special Weapons. It is also of note that Copy X can detach his buster if need be. Upon transforming into his Seraph Form, the X-Busters integrate themselves into the palms of the form's Claw Hands.

Sub-Tanks: If necessary, Copy-X can use one of four energy cells stored within his body. Each tank contains enough energy to fully heal him, however, they are mostly refiled by the energy cores of other robots, though they can be filled with other means.

Raging EX Charge: In the event that Copy X is unable to use his Sub-Tanks, he can choose to activate the Raging EX Charge. When used, a large aura encompasses Copy and he is healed to a great extent, as well as gaining temporary immunity for all attacks. However, this ability takes time to to come into effect and its use out in the open is very blatant and obvious, allowing to to easily be interrupted.

Variable Weapon System: Like X and Mega Man before him, Copy X can adapt his own weapon systems to empower himself with a Special Weapon for any enemy he has defeated. These Special Weapons tend to come in several varieties, some of which provide offense, others defense, and some are just outright utility. However, these Special Weapons are usually weaker, yet more versatile than their original counterparts, as they usually have a normal and 'charged' counterpart. The wide variety of weapons this system can produce makes it virtually limitless.

|| Special Weapons ||
Because of the Variable Weapons System that's integrated into his buster, Copy X can use Special Weapons. Because of this, the X-Buster can become far more powerful as its capabilities theoretically infinite. Special Weapons typically draw from a finite pool of energy, of which each weapon has its own. However, the efficiency of the pool can be increased with the Ultimate Armor, making it so that uncharged Special Weapons consume no energy and charged Special Weapons consume only 50% of the usual energy. Copy-X possesses several of the Special Weapons X once did during the Maverick Wars.

Reflect Laser: A simple beam of energy that reflects off of walls, when charged, the beam becomes much larger and no longer reflects off of walls, instead producing smaller beams which shoot outwards and act like an uncharged projectile.

Ice Shot: Copy fires a shard of ice which, upon contact, explodes and spreads ice shards everywhere. When charged, this fires a tornado similar in function to the Storm Tornado Special Weapon.

Elec Shot: Copy fires a ball of electricity that tracks its targets. When this weapon is charged, an enormous wave of electricity is emitted in all directions from Copy X, damaging everything in a 15 meter radius.

Fire Shot: Copy fires a stream of flames from the X-Buster in a flamethrower-like manner. When this weapon is charged, it's normally pointed up in the sky and then fires a shot that explodes and then spreads a large amount of fire in a volcanic manner.

Rolling Shield: (Armored Armadillo) Copy X can fire spherical balls of energy about the size of himself, which dissipate after colliding with an enemy. This is noted by Copy to be useless, though its charged ability is not. When charged, a shield will surround X's form, only being able to be destroyed with a large amount of force. The shield protects against both melee and projectile attacks.

Homing Torpedo: (Launch Octopus) This Special Weapon fires small rockets that home in on their targets and detonate on impact. When charged, it releases six larger missiles in a fanned-out manner, all of which retain the same tracking capability, only doing somewhat more damage.

Strike Chain: (Wire Sponge) The X-Buster fires off a chain with a hook on its end. The hook can be used to latch onto and pull enemies towards the user and its charged variant simply creates a longer, stronger chain.

Crystal Hunter: (Crystal Snail) Copy X can fire a drop of liquid which can crystallize enemies on contact. Those caught in this effect will have their natural durability reduced until the imprisonment is broken. When this weapon is charged, Copy X can slow down time for a short period of time. Though not as useful as the Dark Hold, it serves as a less strenuous back up, as its over use won't damage Copy X as much as the Dark Hold would. Copy X can slow down time for about 60 seconds (only 40 without the Ultimate Armor).

Acid Burst: (Toxic Seahorse) Fires a glob of acid that splashes on contact. When charged, it fires two Acid Bursts, which bounce multiple times before either hitting the target and exploding, or just exploding after a while.

Gravity Well: (Gravity Beetle) Copy X can create a high gravity zone via a small ball fired from the X-Buster. This ball pulls in enemies and other objects in its vicinity, though it itself cannot deal any damage. When charged, the user fires a miniature black hole which can be controlled by the user. The black hole created by Gravity Well can increase in size if it absorbs enough matter, however, keeping this black hole active will drain the weapon's energy tanks and at most he can only keep it active for about 90 seconds or so (60 without the Ultimate Armor).

Soul Body: (Split Mushroom) Copy X can create physical hologram that can be controlled at will. These holograms can be controlled to do nearly everything Copy X can do on his own. However, they are fairly obvious to not be the real thing, unless more energy is put into the hologram, at which point it would look more like Copy X, however, those who look closely can clearly tell it's a fake.

Dark Hold: (Dark Dizzy) Copy X can stop time at will. This Special Weapon doesn't have a charge variant, and takes directly from its Special Energy pool. Usually only able to stop time up to 30 seconds, with the use of the Ultimate Armor, Copy X can stop time up to 45 seconds. Any longer would likely cause too much strain on his body and could kill him. This Special Weapon recharges on its own. Every two seconds out of stopped time charges 1 second of the Dark Hold. However if the Dark Hold has been used longer than 30 seconds, than it becomes 4 seconds out  of stopped time to charge 1 second of the Dark Hold.

|| History || 
Sometime after the events of the Mega Man X series, Mega Man X had put an end to the Maverick Wars, however, this had soon been followed by the Elf Wars, instigated by Dr. Weil, who desired to establish a new world order with himself as the ruler. The war had resulted in the creation of the Baby Elves as well as Omega's construction. The total losses were devastating, with a large amount of the populace ending up deceased. The end of the war led to both Omega and Weil's exile, and the establishment of Neo Arcadia. However, all would not end well, as X would later have to sacrifice his own body to seal away the Dark Elf, leaving Neo Arcadia without a ruler.

Lacking a true ruler, Ciel, only being 9 at the time, managed to perfectly replicate X flawlessly, to a fault, even going so far as to replicate his unlimited A,I. Right afterwards, Copy X was made to be the new ruler of Neo Arcadia. However, Copy X had a major problem in that he lacked overall experience and he was very naive in his thought process, lacking a correct perception of justice. At several points during the beginning of his rule, minor quirks soon became very obvious, with Reploids being outright slaughtered for no other reason than 'progress'. When Neo Arcadia had been faced with an energy crisis, Copy X saw fit to kill off any Reploids who were deemed useless. And thus began Copy X's iron-fisted policy of justice. Reploids were mercilessly executed and branded as Mavericks with no provocation.

With the Four Guardians, Copy X rules Neo Arcadia under a tyrannical rule. A resistance movement formed, lead by Ciel herself, comprised of a few like-minded Reploids, forming the Resistance. Initially, the Resistance held no chance against the Neo Arcadian forces, being outmatched in quantity and quality. However, this would take a turn for the better, as they would soon discover the Legendary Reploid, Zero.

Zero's power proved too much for the Four Guardians, and even Copy X himself. Zero noted that he remembered the original X not being as weak as Copy X was, noting the latter's naivety. Copy X responded by blowing himself up, the large explosion taking out the entire complex, leaving Copy X dead and Zero to his own devices

Dr. Weil, using his powers of DNA Resurrection, brought back Copy X as Copy X MK-II. MK-II Was the same as the previous incarnation, even possessing the same 'Soul' as before. At this point, it had a distinct stutter that occurred with every few lines of speech. Not only this, but MK-II was seemingly overly loyal to Dr. Weil, following every suggested the man gave him. Copy X had shown signs of having gone Maverick when he ordered a missile strike on a human residential area,

Eventually after several constant attacks on the Resistance, Zero made an offensive on X's base of operations, Area X2. Copy, at this point, had attempted to convince Zero that what the latter was doing was wrong, and that Neo Arcadia had been right. Of course, it resulted in another battle between the two, which Copy once again lost. However, the original X appeared again and spoke to both Zero and Copy X, however, Copy X refused to listen. X had told Copy X that Dr. Weil was using him as a tool, and as a result, Copy X had attempted to transform into his Seraph Form, however a sabotage device had been planted on him to prevent any rebellion caused Copy-X, leaving the clone to once again die, frustrated at being taken a fool by everyone.

However, for some odd reason, Copy X found himself still alive... Somehow... After managing to repair himself, Copy X from this point on lived to briefly attack the Heartlands' Rune Reactor, as well as live throughout other major and minor events, such as Julian's attacks on the Heartlands, and even the Ultron Virus.

During his time at the Heartlands, despite his appearance likely setting off others, Copy X had been observing the city's people, of which they had all been... Peaceful... At this point in time, Copy X would learn to see the faults of his own warped sense of justice, working to completely overcome his old naivety.

|| Extra ||
* More on the fact of him being a copy of X, it should be of not that if he had gone through the 30 years of mental training the original X had gone through, Copy X would likely have been more like his original counterpart, and even if that wasn't the case, he would still have been a much better leader of Neo Arcadia, having a much greater sense of judgement than he does now.
* Like the original X, Copy X also has unlimited potential, of which still hasn't been tapped into. The likely reasoning behind why he had never tapped into it may be because of the sheer differences between X and Copy X's experiences.
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