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Welcome to the Australian Enlightened Community. This is an open community for all Enlightened Ingress players across the country and is intended to be a first point of contact for new players as well as a way for existing players to keep in touch across state borders.

We have moderators on board from each state and territory as well as information on how to join your local state/territory community. Most of these local communities require verification before joining so speak to one of the mods if you need a bit of help with this. Check out the "Useful Links and Info" tab on the sidebar to find out who your local mods are. 

Just remember that, because this is an open community, what gets posted in here is not secure. Any sensitive information that you don't want shared with the Resistance should be kept to your local secure communities or to Hangouts. 

Happy hacking, agents! 

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I have created this account to protect my true identity as well as those agents close to me.

+Resistance Australia have been working in conjunction with well known spoofers in an effort to gain control of strategic play in Australia.

Knowing that the Enlightened will respect any lanes spoofed down, Resistance agents have been doing what is known as a "false flag", and taking down their own portals in order to put up more useful strategic links without worrying about blocked by any Enlightened agent.

We continue to justify this behaviour by saying, "Enlightened cheat all the time!" "They have backpack accounts!" "They scraped Guardians!"

Why bother you ask? I am speaking up because I know we can do better, and I know that my brothers and sisters in the Resistance would be horrified to learn what goes on in those exclusive chats with our so-called leaders. I know we are good players, guided by a fallen few.

So I call out to you, ask questions! Don't be satisfied with the status-quo! Tear down the barriers that have been established!

I want to be the change I want to see, and I hope you wan't to be as well.

For any players who are L12+ it's a great time to use the OPR (Operation Portal Recon) as the backlog is starting to get cleared.

I reached L12 a week ago and have already reviewed over 3000 Australian Portals in that time, with almost 400 new Portals added to the game with the rest still awaiting review from other players.

The problem is both sides have to agree to a Portal being added.

In Australia we are short on reviewers from the Enlightened.

So if there are any L12+ players here and have a few minutes to spare, please login to the OPR and review a few Portals. Even if you only do 5 or so a day it really does help the Ingress community

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hi guys n gals, im currently raising money to support our local CFS cadets. heres a link to explain and make a donation if you can. thank you

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Brief Of OP_ Darkside

It all started on February 5th when Enlightened agents saw an opportunity for layered fields from Moree to Lord Howe Island and the third link to North Burrum Heads. The required keys were delivered and passed through a few hands to the right people

The initial plan was to throw the field Sunday morning the 18th of February as there were only 3 or 4 blockers at that time but, on that day we came upon a hiccup as two resistance agents started throwing blockers. Sadly, we ended up with more blockers than we could remove. So, the date for the field was changed to the morning of the 25th.

On Wednesday evening blockers though Biggenden and Ban Ban to central Australia were cleared. On Thursday blockers around Grafton were dropped but one resistance agent was still around. On Saturday the final southern blockers and new northern blockers cleared.

On Sunday after finishing night shift one agent headed off on the 4 to 5 hour drive to Goondiwindi via Tenterfield with the predicted ETA to Goondiwindi being 0900. There were many, many large kangaroos on the road and that added to the excitement of the trip. The op was working to plan. Agents had driven out from various locations and were in place to take out the final northern blockers and throw some internal links to stop more problem links. This went like clockwork and the first layer was thrown as soon as the final blockers went down. The second and third field also went smoothly with mu for each field being about the same as the first.

Then things got interesting as links wouldn't go. Some quick thinking and rejigging saw a revised plan. This did require removal of the second and third layers and it had to be done without dropping the links and letting blockers in. Success was achieved and a further 7 layers were thrown with the last two layers linked to the Remains of HMAS Protector.

There are probably more people to thank. A lot of people in central Queensland and down south in northern New South Wales who also played a part to get these fields up.

There were a lot of smurf tears. BUT there were also well deserved congratulations from both sides of the game. It is also great to see that the Resistance took these layers down in person and credit to the resistance agent for driving out all the way from their home to drop the fields not long after they went up. They must have left home almost as soon as we started throwing the layers.

Hi all, I am going to be in Sydney the first week of November and would love to get together with some local frogs :)

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Only 3 weeks to go before the biggest Ingress event comes to Brisbane! Come join us for an amazing weekend of Ingress, friends, drinks, missions and victory!
If you haven't signed up yet, register now at

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Feature Suggestion: Portal Submission Credit System

With OPR powering through portal submissions, I've seen talk of reopening submissions. However many people feel that limits should be put in place to ensure that people don't spam the queue.

Personally I think that Seer should be returned, but if it takes a limit system to allow that to happen, I'd like to see one that doesn't punish or cap good submitters. Most of the methods I've seen simply limit everyone regardless of quality, which is a bad plan for people who really put the effort in. So I wrote a doc explaining a way to get the best of both worlds.

Here's my proposal as an outline. If you want to comment on it though, please read the entire doc as it has far more detail and the reasons behind both why this system works and why other systems don't.

* Every Agent at Level 8 or above, gets 10 Submission Credits. These 10 credits go into your Submission Pool
* Each submission credit is good for one submission. When you submit a portal, one submission credit is deducted from your submission pool.
* If your portal submission is Rejected on Criteria, your credit is lost.
* If your portal submission is a Duplicate or Too Close, you gain 1 credit into your submission pool (to refund your submission).
* If your portal submission is Successful, you gain 5 credits into your submission pool.
* If your submission pool is below 10 credits, you gain 2 free credits on the first day of each month, until your pool is at least 10.
* There is no limit to the number of credits an Agent can hold in their Submission pool thanks to successful submissions.

+NIA Ops +John Hanke +Andrew Krug +Mike Quigley +Bill Kilday +Mike Romero +Anne Beuttenmüller +Hilda Leung +Haerang Dong +Pooja Srinivas +Chris Chipman +Niantic

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50 days to go Agents... have you signed up for the Niantic official Q3 Brisbane Anomaly? If not... why not... get onto it!!! 
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