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Please note that we do not have the HCigar VT250S in our hands yet, but we will soon. As we see it, the VT250S combines the best of the HCigar VT250 and VT167, in a new, beautiful zinc-alloy chassis. We’re sure that having the option to use two or three 18650 batteries is a big plus over the VT250, but the body of the HCigar VT250 is unique, and well, quite wonderful, and remains my favorite DNA 250 mod. Will the new HCigar VT250S steal our hearts away from the VT250? Until we can spend some time with it, we just don’t know.
But we will know, and when we do, you’ll know. Stay tuned.

Does anyone know where i can purchase custom wide bore chubb caps fir the wotofo troll v2 or the wotofo Sapor?

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EX RDA by Steelvapetech

Post has attachment Here is my #eliquidreview of #nectarine by #succulent Do you like Nectarines? Then check this one out..xoxo

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After spending several weeks with 4x cell beats like the Reuleaux RX300 and iJoy MAXO (both reviewed), it was a nice change of pace to relax and enjoy this smaller, lighter mod and tank from Vaporesso. Good design, excellent performance, the Attitude is definitely worth considering.

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Too large, too heavy for vapers like myself, but the Reuleaux RX300 sure is a gorgeous piece of vape gear. our review...

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The New Year is here, and what better way to start a new year of vaping than with a genuine DUTCH apple pie eliquid from Cosmic Fog and Vaporfi! A Team Review!

Post has attachment My review of Mr. Meringue by #charlieschalkdust A #lemontart dessert vape. A sweet lemon and cream flavor with a buttery and delicious custard dessert. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What's the best 24mm RDA if flavor is your highest priority?

Looking For Brand New Authentic Kanger Starterkit Topfill 75 TC In Red Or Black, Good Deal, Thanx 
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