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Yun-Yun surveys the ground. Vast snow drifts and sweeping lands blanket the area. It seems devoid of game, but the wolf dragon's sensitive nose senses the creatures hibernating beneath the snow. She's in unfamiliar territory, no telling if bigger, stronger predators are lurking unseen and undetected. But she has to eat, and no male will look twice at her if she shirked away from potential hunts simply because of the fear of the unknown. Hopefully there is nothing too bad.


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Name: Volkyung (Yun-yun)

Owner: no one for now

Species: blood dragon-wolf mix

Powers: breathes frost and flames, soul mode (only when freaked out does she turn into a vapor wolf able to phase through walls and freeze enemies.)

Bio: Mama was a blood dragon, she could breathe ice and fire, but she was most known for her ability to control the dead. Papa was a wolf warrior from the Aurum clan. He controlled souls. They fought for power, ravaging their homelands and only stopped when they realized they were evenly matched. Afterwards they started to rebuild their homes, working together and eventually falling in love. I was born, but mom died during the birthing and dad died of a broken heart. My scarf is a keepsake from my parents. I can be forgetful, joking, and rather random. Love the ice, gets VERY sleepy near heat.

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don't have to ask open
I fly around alone knowing that's quite too cold for both of my summons to fly around as I enjoy the quietness in the background

silvery, black, and a rainbow specks are flying in the sky, they dive and land in a nearby hill and start messing around. The silvery one changes into a human and lays down as the rest crowd near her then...

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Name: The Eastern Zemiy Black Market Forces.
Leader: Kyoko Nagasaki
HQ Location: Mongolia is their place of Operation
Number of troops: Over 3,000
Allies with: The Omega Syndicate is their biggest buyer, however they also supply small groups, such as The Blizzard Brigade.
Insignia: Picture Provided
Short description: Originally one of the strongest black market groups in the world Known as The Zemiy, the group soon divided itself, and the western front was taken down by ISAF Forces. Now only the Eastern front remains, and it's the strongest weapon shipping group in the continent. Another thing to note, the officers and higher ranking members of the Zemiy are women, while the grunts are mostly men.

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Ice wolf and his team were sitting in a black Hawk flying towards the base of Terrorists who recently bombed a Blizzard brigade fort

((Open rp

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Name: obito uchiha

Age: 18

Rank: I don't know


Weapons: all ninja weapon

Powers: can see everything before it happens, can suck things in and out my eye I can suck up to 15 people in to my eye before getting tired, can let things pass through my body but I can only use it for five minutes, can control wood,can come back to life but loses some of my powers,can spit fire out of my mouth,

Race: uchiha


Faction: neutral

Sexuality: straight

Personality understanding, will do things for friends, nice, hate when people lie to them self, likes to let others people's think there better than him, does not give up easily

Likes: friends, girls to hold back, to fight and test people power, like to test people personalty,

Dislikes: boys, people that kills for no reason, to show all my power, people that hates them self,

Pets: none

I've been looking for someone for over 4 years for doing something unforgivable to kill him and take my eye back (I'll add more later and make it more detail)

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Name: Kyoko Nagasaki
Alias: "The Silent Hunter"
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Faction: The Eastern Zemiy
Rank: Eastern Zemiy Primary Leader
Personality: A business woman at heart, she is not a person to be messed with. She is also seen as a seductress, persuading, and luring men into joining her group as mules.
Weapons: Primary weapon is a PGM Hecate II. Secondary weapon is a H&K MP7. She carries this, and her Melee weapon, a Sax Machete.
Powers: Enhanced speed and strength (1) evasive (2) "Lust Appeal" (3)
Pets: N/A
Appearance or Picture: Picture Provided
Bio: Kyoko was brought into the Zemiy when it was a whole, and before the war began, she helped cause one of the biggest paydays known to the men and women of the Zemiy. When the war began, certain members of the Zemiy have fought with others, eventually causing a divide among themselves. The western Zemiy is almost entirely wiped out by ISAF and The Omega Syndicate, however, by selling to smaller fighting forces, and the Omega Syndicate,  Kyoko became the leader of The Eastern Zemiy Forces.

Project Overwatch Intel: 

Project Overwatch is the secret operation put forth by "Deathstroke" to create the Advanced Shadow Walkers. Originally meant to build a massive superweapon, that was utterly destroyed by ISAF. Not only have the scraps from the superweapon been salvaged, but they are being put forth as Step 2 in Deathstroke's operation: to upgrade, and redo the Shadow Walker project, making them become the new Project Overwatch

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Project New Moon Information:

Project New Moon is the old Shadow Walker project turned new. With the scraps of Project Overwatch being used to upgrade the soldiers armor and AI. The first advancement was Subject 427, a cyborg Shadow Walker, and the first to become the designated leader of the Shadow Walker Regiment (That would of course fall under Deathstroke). Not only has the armor and Subject 427 been made, but also Terror Droids have been created to act as brute forces. Being almost twice the size of an average human, the Terror droids without their bladed arms are dangerous enough due to their armor
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