So often I am asked how change happens.
What can be done to change the lives of those in poverty.
The answer is achieved only by understanding.
Of the need to understand that the reasons are different for why a person is in poverty.
Too many are in poverty generation after generation, and are forgotten.
They live in places where everyone knows they live, but few visit to ask why they are in poverty.
Governments ignore the problem, as it provides no votes in getting involved, and getting involved is admitting there is a problem.
Those with money cant understand why there is poverty, or hope to connect with those who have nothing.
The first step is to get involved, find out the reasons from those who know, and then work on strategies that will bring real change.
Money will help, but only money that is used in providing change that is ongoing, not just a aid to provide favorable statistics.
In order to promote a poverty strategy that works, there is a requirement to take each person and provide a means where the poverty of that person is not revisited.
Real change that is ongoing from generation to generation.
Education goes towards this, but is only a part way step, and will never achieve a full result on its own.
An educated population of those in poverty is all that education will achieve on its own.
Employment also is a small part, as there are skills needed to make these people a asset to the community, and without a program of skills improvement and skills testing, the work ethic will be low, and production will be poor.
Health of a people is a primary need, as a healthy people is a happy people.
When health is in a poor state, the the morale of people will also be poor.
All in poverty need to have education that can lift their skills, employment that fits with their level and also makes them happy, and health to allow them to continue to be happy and productive.
Then the other needs can be addressed, of life skills, choices of lifestyle, entertainment, activities and proper enjoyment of all life has to offer.
Those in poverty have needs that require a place that can give all that is needed and can properly give the needed assistance which will provide a life that is simple yet affordable.
So many times I see many reading what I have to say, but that is as far as it goes.
There are few who reply, or want to help in making change possible.
It is these attitudes that have allowed poverty to continue.
So often the life that others lead is filled with their own needs, enjoyment and the pursuit of money.
A life filled with thoughts of self is self indulgent and not constructive in any community.
It is more than time, that if you read this, you make a decision to reply, to help in being a a part of the solution and not continue to be a part of the problem.
Time for change comes with a time to put others before yourself.
That time has come for you to decide if you are a problem maker, or problem solver.
The silence you show will determine where you are in the life of those who need you most.
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