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Anyone here recently picked up a OnePlus 3/3T? I made a new community to support this device. (So-long Samsung)

Charging has been slow lately, even when switched off... Is it time to change the battery?

Does anyone have problem with auto rotate on their nexus 7. If so do you know how to fix it.

Android 6 installed and rooted.  Performance is very good and smooth. Anyone know how to take a screenshot on Android 6 ?

All, we have a Nexus 7 2013 (that's not bricked.. we've had one of those too).. that stopped charging.  I suspect it's a bad charge port as the cord connection on this unit's been loose to the cable for some time.  Now it won't charge no matter how you hold or wiggle the charge cord.
I see $5 ports on ebay that require removing and resoldering to the PCB.  I have a worthy iron, but little experience.  I bought the unit to replace a faulty relay on a Bosch dryer and did that successfully, but didn't feel I did a graceful job.  How's this job?
I also see the entire printed circuit board w/ port on ebay for $50+.  Is this install w/o soldering?
I see one shop offering $37 repair w/ included shipping back.  This seems like a good option.
Your thoughts and experiences are appreciated.

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What could of happened there at that spike up then back down? I was not using my nexus when that happened. I just got home, woke up my nexus at 9% left, went to check the battery and I see this. Wtf?

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New update hits AOSP!

Should I buy a nexus 7 even now?

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