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Merry Christmas!

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C'è un modo diverso di vedere le cose.
Sali al tuo livello superiore.
Più che puoi, sempre.
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Immenso  ( poesia mia)

Lieve brezza che viene su raggi di luna
fremono le foglie alla tua soave carezza…
e sussurri per colline e declivi
sospiri di antichi amori, sogni e chimere.
Con brune nebbie dal profondo della valle
avvolgi tanto spettacolo,
agli occhi di splendenti stelle…
poi d’improvviso,
al grido del nascente giorno
svanisci, e…
siamo immenso!


F.Chopin notturno in B-Flat Minor,Op.nove (ENTRA CON ME NEL QUADRO BUDDITA' "

 ": tramite @YouTube


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'Matin à Saint-Valery-sur-Somme'
Soft pastels painting - 40 x 30 cm (16 x 12 in).
(Available, contact me)

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Mexican mood…

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New painting called ‘Lumières matinales’ (Morning lights).
It is soft pastels on Pastelmat paper, 30 x 40 cm (11,8 x 15,7 in). 
I made a step by step for this one here:

Painting available for purchase, contact me.

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The day will come and i will walk with you 
in the autumn park filled with golden views
listen to the rustle of leaves underfoot as
we inhale the scents of the forest decay with
pleasure intoxicating as we take in the boquet

light breezes whip up the golden leaves swirling
to a dance in order to please.
rejoice with me in all the beauty we see the human
condition has not long to stay in this life you see

The evening twilight creeps in on a thin veil of mist
the yellow lights from the streets appear on the
distant day casting shadows on the golden autumn scene

The sky has become  a sullen grey as the magic waltz of
the day sinks into a tear stained melancholy maze of 
sadness .
the winds of sadness blow down my back at the final 
goodbye ..tearing me away from this golden autumn day
disappointment reigns supreme ..taking you away from me 
 Copyright © ken newman

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"COLOUR ME IN A PASTEL"digitally producedxxxken

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           "SAIL THE MOON"
sail the moon ..coast with the stars 
look to the horizon the red dot is mars
take me back along the milky way ..coasting 
gently through this white cascade

surrounded by darkness ..passing a black hole
all of creation is sucked into this bowl
swirling forever with no loss or gain ..

all is in place though all eternity began as
as a grain of sand as a spirit
it spins in space ..god had a hand to create this 

sail the moon ...coast with the stars set a course 
to where ever you are ...
Copyright © Ken Newman

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"BIRD OF PARADISE"painted in acrylicxxxken

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Imagenary still life
Oil on canvas board
5x7 inches

5 minute oil sketch
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