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Don't try and 'educate' a person with intense political, religious, or alien conspiracy opinions who is over the age of 8. It's much more fun to give them lots of 'rope' to hang themselves with!

It's hard to win an argument with a smart person but damn near impossible to win one with a stupid person.

"Regardless of the temperature of the room , it's still room temperature." - Steven Wright

Your life is finite.
When you work for someone your trading your time on earth for money.

If you meet someone who has figured out how to live without working, steeling or cheating the system, don't think them crazy or get mad, be happy for them and try to imagine a life like that.

I knew that some people in the USA where bad drivers but didn't know how they compared to other countries. Now that I have recently been to a couple of other countries I can say that the ratio is high as Americans seem to have more than Spain and maybe less than Morocco, with exceptions.
As a 'professional' driver of several types, I have driven many different sized and types of vehicles in many different seasons and road types I have seen people drive their vehicles in every bad way possible! I now drive mostly in southern California where drivers have a bad reputation that is only partly warranted. Every day I drive I see someone doing something dangerous if not down right reckless!
Driving slow in the fast lane is one of my pet peeves! Good God people pay attrition and move over! I could go on forever but I think that would be for the rants section..
Moroccans seem to drive terrible, especially the mopeds, but I only saw 2 accidents there. 1 involving a moped that looked kinda bad judging by the damage to the car. I didn't see the moped rider, I really hope he survives. 1 involving 2 cars that seemed very minor. Driving down the roads their the drivers seem to treat lane markers, stop signs and for the mopeds, traffic lane directions as mere suggestions! But people all got along ok with a minimum of honking and gesturing and traffic flowed well.
In Spain resident drivers where all polite and skillful. My only complaint was overall they followed a little close for my liking. I only saw 1 accident. I actually heard it happen, a car pulled out from a parking lot into the path of a moped. The moped wasn't going very fast but the rider did leave in a ambulance altho he didn't have any apparent serious injuries.

If you lay in bed trying to think of an excuse to call in sick to work you must ether change your work environment or your job!

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God never gives you more than you can handle. Life is a test that you can master.
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