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Mythical world aye? Well, mythical = fiction, fiction = scifi, scifi = DW, therefore I AM THE DOCTOR!

walked into a town and looks around "This seems like a nice place to stop at"

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name:crona gorgon
abilities: Swordsmen

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Name:Cho Lee
Ability: fire mage
Job:works as a ninja spy
Backstory:she was raised in a small ninja village where she learned fire magic from her father. After the entire village was killed she became a spy to try and gather information on who killed her village and why.

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Abilities:master tamer
likes:pi funny jokes purple and animals
dislikes: serious situations fighting and jerks
Photos 1 and 3 are my familiars, 2 is me
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Name: Eruku
Age: 26
Ability: Shifter, Hand-to-Hand Combat and Weaponry
Job: King and Apprentice
Likes: People, Traveling, Flying, and Sparing
Dislikes: Being alone, Staying in one place, Trains, Planes, Cars, Boats, Walking, and War
BackStory: He was the son of an Angel(Mom) and Demon(Father). His mother was executed and his father was dragged back to Hell, then his brother stole his memories and replaced them with his memories.
Description: Green eyes with a gold ring near the pupil and wears a black long sleeve shirt and black pants with a silver vest
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