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Hi all

TalkingVTE #41 recording is live

I'll do the blog post tomorrow

Hi all,

Was thinking of a TalkingVTE to end the year off, what do you think any takers?

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On Sun May 18 1100 GMT Learning2gether hosts a Hangout with Alexander Hayes on Google Glass in Education
Alexander Hayes has been associated with a number of cutting edge education projects over the years, including exploring the potential of StreamFolio, Talking VTE, POV technologies, Drones for Schools, wearable technologies (and the social implictions of surveillance, sousveillance, and uberveillance) and most recently, Google Glass through posting his interviews with 60 Google Glass Explorers on YouTube and hosting the recent Glass Meetup #1 in Canberra. 

Hangout Event page: 
Streamed live via

Time where you are

It might be useful for you all to watch a few of these interviews beforehand -
There are 45 video interviews at this link, all well worth watching / listening to

We'll also ask Alex how his PhD is coming along. All are welcome, should be F.U.N.

For more information

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On Mon May 12 0645-1000 GMT the first #glassmeetups public event will occur at the +INSPIRE Centre, University of Canberra with key national and international speakers in an interactive program of events. The program will be broadcast live in Hangout, and all are invited to join members of the Google Glass Explorer Community and other key speakers who are actively engaging with this technology across many differing industries, organisations and social settings.

The following links will enable you to access this event
 - Main event page -  - Event page -  - Youtube page - University Canberra, #glassmeetups - INSPIRE Main Hangout  - Main programme link with times given worldwide -

Robert Wachman will be joining us tomorrow Sunday Apr 13 at 1400 GMT in Hangout. Robert has been involved in the new MOOC from U of Oregon and the US State Dept. called Shaping the Way we Teach English. He has been helping teachers with it, and he will come online and explain what it's about and what his role is, and also talk about his impressions of attending TESOL Portland virtually via CALL-IS. The hangout will be streamed from This will be set up prior to the event tomorrow, and there is more information at, All are welcome.

It's dawn of day 2 Friday March 28 at the international TESOL conference in Portland Oregon and Learning2gether and CALL-IS are streaming live via Bb Collaborate thanks to our grant from

Also the Virtual Round Table CEFR Web Conference is starting, on a European time zone.

Find full details at the link here, and hope you can join us

+Alexander Hayes  what was the link to the micro-course you mentioned in the podacst last night

ok everyone who is a member of the Talking VTE Google + community, don't join the event based hangout, I'll create a Hangout on Air and invite you all individually, otherwise I can't record it

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Talking VTE #39

Talking VTE #39 recording.

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Hello to Alex posting event photos from Toronto, and to Stephan who will be glad to know this community has doubled in size since his last post here :-) Meanwhile, you are welcome to join us at 1300 GMT Sun Jun 30 when #webheads & #learning2gether meet Benjamin Stewart from TILL <> in a Hangout accessable from More info at
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