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This must be the best fucking Pokemón creepypasta I've read in my entire life!

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Cray Play: Pokemón Creepypasta - The Children's suicide.

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Half Life 2 CO-OP! It doesn't get any more fun than this!

Cray Play: Half Life 2 Co-op!

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The crew talks about nothing while cray's owning at typing of the dead!

Cray Play Casual: Typing of the dead!

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Cray Play: Starcraft - Episode 1 - Terran campaign

Hey guys! Making a play through of the original starcraft! First episode here! 

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Creepypasta time! Cray plays the game suicidemouse.exe while reading the creepy pasta! 

Cray Play Creepy: SuicideMouse.exe + Creepypasta

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Cray Play: Bioshock Infinite - Part 1


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Cray Play: LA Noire - Part 1

Playing LA Noire while drunk might not be the best idea. It might be the most awesome idea EVER!

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Cray Play: Minecraft Survival Horror

When Minecraft FAILS!

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Cray Play: Minecraft Skyblock - Part 1

Check out these noobs and their take on the skyblock map! You start out with a tree... and not much else. It's a disaster! :D

New vids coming soon :D

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Cray Play: Mad Father - Part 1

Cray plays the free indie game Mad Father. It's really not that great. At all. Cray play! 

Sound will be a bit low quality for the first three episodes. Not re-recording it. Live with it.
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