Playing against a far more experienced player who has the same weapon, using that weapon, and winning


The settlement of Richardspire in 1688 is a small colony town of 401 people, surrounded by dense woods and dreary legends. These legends of a mystical power has attracted supernatural forces that desire to seek it out. Witches, who would threaten the peace and security of the small New England settlement.
In Richardspire, there is a split between the good townsmen gripped by paranoia and fear, and witches. Magic such as potions, hexes, and summoning demons is real.

If you are a Townsman, your character is free to pursue most goals that they have, but they cannot ignore the witch craze and must be affected by it. You will be given a role based on your character’s skills and profession.
If you are a Witch (which must be approved by all the mods), then you most likely desire the hidden artifacts beneath Richardspire. There are a number of different witch roles, including good ones. But if you are found out, you will be hung either way.

Take note that not all of the evils plaguing this town are witches alone. The craze can be used as cover to rob people or murder, or far worse.

1. Respect others in the community.
2. No explicit materials. This includes excessive gore and pornography.
3. No switching roles. Additionally, ask before being a witch.
4. Do not roleplay without your profile being approved.
5. No spam.
6. Don't lie to the mods. Thanks.
7. Please keep racism and sexism within roleplays, as it fits the time period.
8. No metagaming, godmodding, etc.
9. Do not use technology that is post-1600s.
10. Use the community template. This rule can be ignored if you cover all of the information, but it is preferred.
11. You can only kill a character if the character’s owner is okay with it.

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