What is the probability that we can keep G+ in other words, no g-rexit ... I like G+ (except for the porn span) and wonder why the 'leaks' can't be fixed so we can carry on....

When / if ? G+ closes where will WSH go? Slack ? or Pluspora? or ?


We are in the process of changing host server companies, and the process is going to be starting any day now.

As a result, over the next week or two, if you go to our webpage, you may experience outages due to the migration. This cannot be helped because it takes time for settings to propagate through to all the various servers out there.

If you have any questions, just ask.

I am here and a Member for some time now. Not sure what I should be doing in here ?????

I have been participating in the Live Weekly Space Hangouts on YouTube and like the rolling chat on the side as we go through the topics and news.
I have learned a lot :-)
However, I am a member here at the WHS Crew and want to know if I can enjoy the Live WHS every week with the SLACK working.
I would like a link to a "how to" on using this forum and SLACK instead of YouTube.
Is this possible and where is the details that will help me try it out?
Many thanks.

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We're seeing an issue that we may have to address soon. With all of the cross posting and duplicates, Is this community getting too spammy for your taste? Do we need to implement some kind of spam rule like the larger communities do? Please let us know what you think by taking this quick poll, or let us know in the comments.
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A bit spammy, but not too bad.
Too Much Spam. Please fix this issue.
Not Spammy at all. No action needed.
A bit spammy, but not too bad.
Too Much Spam. Please fix this issue.

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Thanks to all of you for making 2016 a year full of growth and super cool science. Here's to continued success in 2017!

Photo: Hubble Space Telescope

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Call for News - Since no Hangouts are happening today, I thought we could start collecting the news for next week's show on our Trello board at wsh-crew.net/trello again and vote on the entries next Thursday. For further instructions, go to the blog posting from last December, which is still valid: www.wsh-crew.net/2015/12/01/help-us-select-the-stories-for-the-wsh/

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Remastered Community Logo
If anyone wonders if something looks different around here - yes, the community logo has changed a little. Because the new Google+ Interface uses a different layout, the old logo didn't look so good anymore and the new one looks much better now without being chopped off and a higher resolution. The downside is that it's horribly cropped in G+ Classic, but since this will probably be switched off soon, we decided to make the switch now and provide a better logo for the new G+ and the mobile apps.

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The WSH Slack is now open for business - please read the blog post for more information. In short: write an email to slack@wsh-crew.net and we'll get you in. See you there!
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