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NGC 5907 the "Knife Edge Galaxy" in LRGB. From 25 hours of data taken in New Mexico in May using a 12" RC.

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Opportunity took a selfy with its microscope on its robotarm. It wasn't supposed to be used that way, but it worked.

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A little test I did

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Photographing the Dark Side of the Moon by Earthshine with a Coronal Halo.
Need to view linked image to see surface features of the Moon. Definitely worth going fullscreen with this image.
""" The Crown of the Sun
Image Credit & Copyright: Derek Demeter (Emil Buehler Planetarium)
Explanation: During a total solar eclipse, the Sun's extensive outer atmosphere, or corona, is an inspirational sight. Streamers and shimmering features visible to the eye span a brightness range of over 10,000 to 1, making them notoriously difficult to capture in a single photograph. But this composite of telescopic images covers a wide range of exposure times to reveal the crown of the Sun in all its glory. The aligned and stacked digital frames were taken in clear skies above Stanley, Idaho in the Sawtooth Mountains during the Sun's total eclipse on August 21. A pinkish solar prominence extends just beyond the right edge of the solar disk. Even small details on the dark night side of the New Moon can be made out, illuminated by sunlight reflected from a Full Earth. """

So, after resolving my t-adapter issue yesterday with a small-diameter o-ring, when I got home from work tonight, I figured I would see how I could do taking a quick few shots of the sun... first day there has been weather conducive to try anything around here...

I lugged everything out to the circle (we live on a cul-de-sac,) turned on the AudioStar (solar filter was already in place,) and started slewing to where the Sun was... I was really excited... this was going to be AWESOME!!!! Until, that is, I couldn't find the friggin' sun! I slewed left, I slewed right, I slewed up and down... over and over... back and forth... I tried doing a rough positioning looking along the outside of the OTA... where the HELL did the sun go? I pulled the solar filter off and focused on nearby trees just to do a sanity check... found the damn trees... but with that damn solar filter on, the sun was nowhere to be seen...

After about 45 minutes I gave up... will tackle this another day... but in the meantime.... anyone have any suggestions about how I can find the damn SUN????

OK - so this doesn't exactly qualify as a photo, but I do need some help getting started...

I am doing some prep work for the eclipse (I know I waited until the last minute...) and have a question about putting the Meade t-adapter on my new ETX90 (Observer Series) scope. When I thread it onto the Rear Photo Port, I cannot tighten it sufficiently for the extension tube to be "tight" - it continues to "wobble" and rotate freely, which seems rather odd to me. Yet I don't want to force it/over tighten the thing since I don't want to strip it. I don't see any evidence of my having cross-threaded it.

Any suggestions? Is this normal? Is my t-adapter defective?



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Jupiter, Io and Europa and Saturn with Titan and (I think) Rhea through my telescope last night.
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