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I went to an event held at the University of Tokyo. Mission reports from astronauts Norishige Kanai and Thomas Pesquet, and a talk from Souichi Noguchi expecting next mission, astronauts Naoko Yamazaki and Takuya Onishi were also on the stage as moderators in the panel discussion. (And off the stage there was Kimiya Yui too)
I have never attended events like this before. I enjoyed it! Full of interesting talks from astronauts.

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Let me share a story about me and "MIO", JAXA's Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter.

The nickname was chosen from the public. And Naoko Takeuchi, the author of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, was a member of the selection committee. It meant a lot to me because I LOVE Sailor Moon and that is the biggest reason why I am interested in space.

The first comic book I got was one of the Sailor Moon series, which was a side story featuring characters of NASA astronaut and astronomer. Working at NASA became one of my childhood dreams (the other one was to be a cartoonist like Ms Takeuchi)

I couldn't make that dream come true, and the nickname I suggested for MMO was not selected... but I am so glad that Ms Takeuchi had an opportunity to officially participate in JAXA's project!

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Besides the video I also wrote a blogpost on using MongoDB to analyze the asteroids dataset from the Minor Planet Center. It has all the code and links.

I'm building a list of (downloadable) astronomical and space related datasets.

How much mass is needed for gravitational confinement fusion reactors? If you wanted to fuse one kg of deuterium tritium, what mass does it need to have?

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I'm in the new Planetary Report, the magazine of the Planetary Society.

I appreciate the participation allowed to me by this community. My education is in business accounting. Mysteries of space and celestial bodies have inspired me since the landing of viking 1. Being told in elementary school the universe goes on forever challenged my comprehension in understanding physics, chemistry and quantum mechanics . I currently follow any exploring of Mars and constantly reach out to my senators and representatives to continue using my tax dollars for space conquering missions. I feel this solar system is ours and we need to claim it.
On this community I intend to contribute and consume with the little spare time i have.

Today I was reminded of how much I love my parents, and how very much they love me. I'm happier In this moment than I've been in a long time. ^_^

I'm just writing to say that if, some day soon, you should find yourself choosing between doing "the usual" & doing something to let the important people in your life know how much they mean to you, then I very humbly suggest the latter option. There are often very good reasons for "the usual" to become such, but your loved ones will not always be with you & the moment seized will never be lost.

I hope my parents feel the same, but for my part I know that at this moment here tonight beyond doubt that I am loved, and I will treasure this moment as long as I retain the power to remember it, no matter how many (or few) of these moments remain to be had in my lifetime. Best wishes to all, and a very pleasant Good night or Good morning wherever you may be.

Thanks for letting me join. And special thanks for your hard work and sharing of all things space. The recent info on the neutron star explosion was amazing! So many things I read from NASA, science and space feeds make my day!!

Just joined the slack and enjoying it a lot. I'm a technology and space enthusiast. Have been since the 80s. I live in Northern Norway and will quite regularly see amazing auroras and not really think too much about it.

Honestly, I didn't know it was such a big deal before I saw some science related shows from the UK and US where they went absolutely bonkers about it. We also get a lot of aurora tourists now, who spend tens of thousands of dollars chasing (?!?!?!) auroras only to go home with their dreams crushed.

I've actually seen a couple of eclipses too. I saw a solar eclipse (total or nearly total) sometime around 2008-2009. I had actually heard it was coming in the Weekly Space Hangout but had forgotten about it. Then, while I was out driving it was as if someone turned the lights off in the sky. So I, and the two cars in front of me, did what you definitely don't want to do: stopped the car and looked at the sky. This was not so much a problem because of the harmful light from the sun. Well, maybe for the other two, but I had grabbed a CD and looked thru it. However, the truck driver who nearly ran us over at 90 Km/h wasn't as interested in the eclipse. So there's a top tip: don't forget where you are when you're watching eclipses.

The second time was a partial eclipse. I had actually bought the correct glasses to view it, but it started when I was visiting a kindergarten we were considering for our kid. So when it happened I grabbed the glasses and looked up. And, naturally, 20 kindergarten kids decided they were going to watch it with me without glasses. That wasn't too popular with the other grown ups and I was firmly told to not look at it and put my glasses away while they herded the children inside.

When I saw the 2012 Venus transit (through an Audioslave CD in a parking lot) that was when I decided I needed a telescope. It's a bit hard to explain why, but it was such a perfect object in the sky. It's unlike anything you can see in a picture or on a screen. I still haven't bought one though.

So I am looking to (well, for 5 years now) buy a telescope. Don't want one too small or too big or too expensive or too cheap. So I might bother people in the slack about that.

Anyhew, I have quite strong opinions on anything from the Space Shuttle program to manned and robotic space exploration from time to time, so if I step on anyone's toes I hope you understand it comes from my passion for space and my very modestly equipped brain's confusion with this abstraction layer written internet communication adds. But, of course, feel free to tell me off.

As it is with anyone who's been active with computers since the 80s, my insights into my own person and character is limited, so anything else you would like to know about me I guess you'll just have to experience. I mean, you could ask, but...oh well.

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