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This post is an overview of the hangouts we keep track on in the calendar and the index page on our website. Links to previous versions of this post are at the bottom. We will now use the comments of this post mainly for announcements and as a changelog for the calendar and other hangout-related updates.

Weekly Space Hangout
Weekly space news show hosted by Fraser Cain with a rotating crew of guest journalists. Broadcast Wednesdays at 5pm PT / 8pm ET / 0:00 UTC.
See and for details and announcements.
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Astronomy Cast Live
Live recording of the podcast with Dr. Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain
Broadcast usually Fridays at 19:00 UTC on
See, for announcements and updates.
Audio Podcast available at
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Learning Space
Weekly show about science and astronomy in education, hosted by Pamela Gay, broadcast Thursdays on Twitch at noon Eastern (odd dates) or 9pm Eastern (even dates).
See for updates and announcements.
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Open Space
Weekly Q&A show hosted by Fraser Cain, broadcast Mondays on Youtube at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 00:00 UTC
See and for announcements.
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Daily Space
CosmoQuest's astronomy and space science news roundup with Dr. Pamela Gay and Dr. Andrés Plazas.
Broadcast daily from Monday to Friday at 17:00 UTC / 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific on Twitch and archived on Youtube.
See and for updates and announcements
Youtube Archive Playlist:

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» - July-September 2017 (End of Summer Hiatus)
» - September 2017 - August 2018

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a new space race!

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In case you've missed SpaceX's live stream, here is the video. In it SpaceX announced that the Japanese online fashion retailer Yusaku Maezawa will be first to fly around the moon on the BFR. Maezama announced he will invite artists to join him. He already bought the seats on the BFR for that.

Musk also told about some of the changes on the BFR. The rocket will now be 118 meters long (longer than the Saturn V). Musk told he likes that the BFS starts to look like Tintin's moon rocket. The BFR will now have only 7 Raptor engines. The specific impulse will of each Raptor engine will now be close to the RS-25 of the Space Shuttle.

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ESA doesn't show much material from the Trace Gas Orbiter, but here is an image it released this week. This is a crater in the Sisyphi Planum area in the south of Mars. It's so cold here that carbon dioxide has been frozen in the gullies in the crater edge. It seems to slide down to the bottom of the crater.

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Where are the other cryovulcano's on Ceres like Ahuna Mons? It's something scientists have been wondering. New research shows out: they have probably slowly fell back into shorter, wider domes. About every 50 million years new a cryovulcano on Ceres is formed, but these vulcanoes are not as explosive as some on Earth. They simply don't produce enough material. So they are more like lava domes. Other ice worlds like Europa, Enceladus, Pluto and Charon might have them as well.

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let find more exoplanets!
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