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Let’s face it. If somebody were to just glance over the reference sheet, at least you can feel some reassurance in knowing that they got the bare minimum

Name (Nickname): "Eh..Kaede Akamatsu. You can call me Kaede, or Kae. Most people tease my by the name 'Piano Freak' though."

"I'm 18, mental age is 19."

Gender: "It's obvious, i'm female. What if i'm male crossdressing or something?!"

Race: "I don't know, i'm more like Japanese "Race" or some sort. I..don't even know what this means."

Physical Details
Next most important part, next to personality. Really essential if you’re using your character in a tournament or in some other way in which other people need to understand said character.
Everybody hates it when they have to work with some under-described character. Facts, people! Descriptions, we need ‘em.
Even if you’re not using your character for a competition, but for personal writing instead, a solid physical description helps wonderfully for your writing. It’s nice to have a clear picture in your head.

Build/Body Type/Physical Frame: She has the hourglass type of body type.

Height: 167 cm (5' 6")

Weight: 53 kg (115 lbs)

Skin: Her skin color is light..yellow, i think.

Hair: She has shoulder-length, light blonde hair with an prominent ahoge. She also wears silver music note hairpins.

Eyes: She has purple eyes.

Other defining features/extra anatomy: None, basically none.

Good ones: She leads people to do the right thing, She also is dependable and she smiles a lot.
Bad ones: I don't think she has bad habits lemme try to add one But, everytime someone doesn't take her lead, she kills them. Probably. Well, sometimes.

Gestures/Mannerisms: She is always neat especially when she wears her school uniform. She also helps other people clean or any chore they struggle on.

She is Mature, dependable, determined and unselfish. She always helps other people, guide them and she is always determined even at the hard times. That time when she is about to be eXECuTED

She has a very heroine and protagonist-like voice. Meaning that she sometimes half-shouts or something.

Leaderful, proper and courageous.

She wears her high school uniform, which consists of a long-sleeved white shirt completed with a light purple vest adorned with an insignia and a brownish-red tie. She wears a purple skirt adorned with a black music staves and notes pattern, purple stockings reaching below her knees and beige shoes.

Kaede also seems to carry around a white backpack.

Kaede is an optimistic hard worker. As a leader type with a firm character, she herself takes the lead and pulls the other students along. She has a strong will and doesn't hesitate to take action, her notable character trait being her strong sense of belief in herself and others. Being a pianoholic, she also tends to include music talk into her conversations.

Kaede has a kind personality that makes her unable to immediately suspect people, as demonstrated in the demo by her going as far as faking an alibi out of her trust for Makoto Naegi, with no rational basis for his innocence. Like the other protagonists before her, she has a very sensitive nature and listens to other people's troubles and gives them positive advice, as evidenced in Free Time Events and her interactions with Shuichi Saihara.

She strives to encourage and befriend the other students and get them out of the school. She can lie during the Class Trials, though she looks uncomfortable doing so, and according to Kokichi Oma she only does that to strengthen the group's unity.
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Name: Minato Arisato
Age: 17 different from the last school...i would hope because i literally put a gun to my head to get a monster to fight for me...

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Name: Levi Ackerman
Age: 34
High: 160cm
Sex: Male
Sexualität: Gay
Teacher in: PE, Biology, Music
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Name: Mikasa Ackerman
Sexuality: bisexual /pansexual
Species: human / uknown
Crush/Dating: crush Annie Leonhardt
Likes: unknown
Birth day: February 10
Personality: emotional less cares for her friends strong she hates most people she's good at some subjects but doesn't feel like doing it she wants to get to college will fight anyone who hurts the people she cares about. 
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Name:isabel magnolia
Crush/Dating: taken.. Crushing on nobody
Likes: physical education
Birth day: unknown lel
Personality : she's an confident girl , somewhat loud she doesn't care to speak her mind she'll tell you how she feels straight up she's awful at math.. She calls levi ackerman her big brother

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Likes:Science, anime, yaoi, Experimenting, adventures, exploration, discovery, history
Birth day: September 5
Personality : she's an extraordinary girl , crazy some would say because of her grate devotion and love for science and exploration, others won't understand her that much but when you befriend her all her crazy antics will seem normal and understandable in a weird way, she is also perverted in a way and somtimes call herself the 'yaoi queen' because of her love for yaoi, yaoi and science is like a drug to her she's addicted to it same as anime and history, in other words she is a full time nerd and geek.

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Name: Yuma
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Weight: 140 lb
Height: 5'1 inches
Crush: +Captain Eren Jaeger 
Bio: Yuma was born into a bad family, and by the age of 5, Yuma's parents were divorced. She is the second to youngest with 3 older sisters, an older brother, and a little sister. She has really good grades, and tries to help others with their school work.
Personality: Yuma is energetic, kind, and loves other people. She doesn't see the point of "boyfriends" and "crushes", but she does have one. Many of her friends are boys, but she does have some friends that are girls.

(+Levi Ackerman )
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Who is the owner? (just wondering...)

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Andrea played this on the outdoor piano.

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Name: Andrea Flowis
Age: 19
Gender: Girl
Sexuality: ...
Species: Human Flower
Weight: 33 lbs
Height: 84' 0
Crush/ Dating: My crush is Sans but.. I'm not dating.
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